too late to show, but still never missed to tell...

It was the first time that i've been to puerto galera,, was uber happy,, spent my holy week there, from holy wednesday until easter sunday.. it's a BLAST!! that i was very happy , extremely happy.. I was not alone,, im with the sweetest and orgasmic person ever in the whole world, RS..

Holy Wednesday - April 8, 2009

things packed up, ready to go.. had 3 bags with me, the black lancome with all of my shirts, undies, pants, shorts and towels in there.
the orange herbench girlie bag with some toiletries and sarong
the green ESPRIT bag with all of my small stuff.. hehehehe

left the house before noon, met up with RS on their area.
we went to puregold grocery to buy some stuff, then ate our luch before leaving,,
we even bought our fave jollibee ice craze and hot fudge sundae w/c we forgot when we're on the cab na.. dahil sobrang init and we want something refreshin, go, manong please wait, gonna get lang the refreshments,, hehehe..

By 2pm, we were already on the bus goin to batangas port..
arrived at batangas port... bought tickets..
rode the bankga, saw Ramy, my trainer in TP..
uber tagal the byahe that it was dark n when we arrived at galera island..
funny thing,, when we'er approaching the island,, the bekis are calling our names w/c was so embarassing but then was very exciting.. that we felt we're very much welcomed and they're uber excited to see us.. hehehe

first night p lang,, we went out,,
they had their drinks,, i was introduced to all of them,. very nice people though,,
vey beki,, very maingay,, very masaya.. hehehe

HOLY THURSDAY passed by,, same old gimmicks we're done..
HOLY FRIDAY passed by,, we didnt go out that night,,

and oh,, dahil nga nsa puerto kame, one thing we never missed to do,,
to go out and bathed in the sun,, was uber sarap and also uber great to swim in the waters,, quite dangerous lang xe a little move would give u a deeper area that u cant seem to touch the floor na with your bare feet,, hehehe
but the feeling of the sun,, summer n summer na tlga,,
then all you can see are people,, playing beach vollyeball, walking,
talking, having massages, braids worked upon on hairs, drinking beers, bathing and swimming..

basta lahat n mkkita mu and it's amazing tlga to be in galera...
u feel like you're in a different world,
woory free, problem free and all you have to do is to be happy...

Holy Saturday - april 11, 2009

all of us were in white..
me and RS had our moment,, we ate at Tia Maria's,, had fun and un na un,, hahaha
then we went to jurassic,, it;s a place where bi/gay people find pleasure,,
lakad lakad k lang ,, then my lalapit n sau..
the place is all about SEX,, anu pa b?? hehehehehe
pero ako,, no longer need it,, im with RS, what more can i ask for db..
he's now my life,, all i ever have.. naks!!

Easter Sunday - April 12, 2009

Time to go home,, went home around 4:30am
needs to sleep para my energy sa byahe and nang mkgcing pa ng maayos,,
buti n lang ang asawa ko,, ndi antukin like me,, hehehe
he woke me up , saying i need to fix myself na..
before lunch,, nsa bangka n kame,,
kahit ayaw pa,
ready to go back to the city..

one thing i realized,, if ur goin to galera,,
make sure ur with a company whom ul be happy with talaga
make sure ur with someone special to you and
make sure ur with someone who's not maarte.. hahaha