my own BC

Six (6) regular days and i am counting.

Hoping that our dear NSO would provide me a birth certificate.
I applied one through online since the last time I did it was to go directly to their office, lined up early in the morning just so not be crapped by all those people from every places the Philippines, picked it up on the scheduled date,,,

then, voila!

"Negative certification of Live Birth"

(ang sweet noh?!)
(anu un? hindi ako pinanganak? or baka naman, hindi ako ni-register back in our province. but for whatsoever reason,
sana mali lang yung entries na nilagay nila before)

i'm sick...

August 22, 2010

almost bedtime...

RS: 'ligo ka na.

Me: Magtoothbrush na lang ako saka maghilamos
masama pakiramdam ko

RS: HIndi pwede yan (on his regular-imitating tone from his work superior)

ME: ok, sabi mu eh.

Then after taking my bath
Changing my clothes
Turning the e-fan on
Sliding inside my malong

RS came and hugged me

Me: nilalagnat ako, mainit ako, sabi ko sa'yo ayaw ko maligo ngayon eh..

RS: ngee,, hindi naman un sa ganon' bet mu ng gamot?

ME: hindi na, sleep na lang muna ako
(syempre, ako si maarte eh, hindi pa pwede ng medz)

August 23, 2010

#fb [ im feeling sick.. huhuhu ] [ i know what i need ]
about 3 hours ago via web

And im here at the office, feeling sick this morning.
Thank you kay Mam Lhong, she gave me meds
and i cant resist taking them na talaga
or else, dead to the world na ako..

haaaay.. T_T

Debut ni Anak..

august 15, 2010

This was the celebration of our beloved son, err.. daughter? Adonis.
we're extremely excited. This wase his debut and the first time that he allowed people to see his home, his family and all. Pero choosy ang bakla, chosen ones lang ang invited.

But the highlight of his celebration is to invite all of his manliligaws. There came Doi, Nick, Ikram and Barry, But the story with Barry ended a long time ago so foget about him.

I dont know if what's the initial plan of Adonis those guys, aside from being special in his heart. It just made his day, TIRING. He almost got lost on how to handle his few visitors. Or maybe i am thinking that it's his way of assessing who can be his new boyfriend. It's been like months since he had a relationship. Madali kasing ma-fall si bakla tapos pag naging sila, ay, very wrong pala. breakalu na agad. So as an advice, better collect, make friends then choose. Least he will have the chance to know all of them. Sabi lang nya, each of them has their own qualities, differing one from the other at ang hirap daw but sabi namin, he cannot continue to have them all, meron masasaktan and meron mahihirapan.

Where, the best advice I got for him is to choose one or lose all.

Until now, wala pang update si bakla,
but im wishin him the best the world can offer.

(cute ni bakla, inosente.. hehehe)
we both love him, RS and I.
Happy 21st birthday Adonis..

Do You Understand Me?!

August 10, 2010
OSC Conference Room

"Do You Understand Me?!"
"Do You Understand Me?!"

"Talk to me when I'm talking to you!"
"Look at me, directly to the eyes!"

around 8:30am, ang teletubby sa baba, nagpatwag ng meeting for those people daw who always use the phone
(Disconnected pala phone ng office due to unpaid bills, there's a lot more kung bakit hindi sila nabayaran!)

so, me, chona, czarina, ate arleen went down plus ang megaphone-non-sense Allan the Gay na hindi ko alam kung bakit sumama (mahilig lang talaga siyang sumama sa mga eksena)

then came the discussion on the following:
(hindi ko lang sure kung back to basics lesson ito)

1. how to use the phone
2. how to send fax messages
3. who will monitor the calls
4. what should be written on the log book
5. who's in-charge

(ang teletubby, feeling AO tlga.. masama ba ugali ko? basta tahimik lang ako ang just say yes.. yes lang ng yes.. sabi nga ni Doc Mayok, roll with the resistance! ahaha)

then came director,,

he was initially talking to czarina, telling her stuffs about the bill being reviewed before its corresponding payment voucher will be signed. he mentioned that marami daw loko - loko sa office, may mga corrupt daw etc.

he even mentioned what happened to erwin was a form of graft and corruption..

going back, for all we know that he was talking to czarina,
bigla na siyang sumigaw ng ever line nya na
"Do You Understand Me?!"

repeatedly and he was actually asking it to ate arleen!!

haay naku, kung pwede lang talagang tumawa kanina, tumawa na ako..

then paglabas ni director, ate arleen then asked "bakit ako?"

so funny talaga,,

august 2010 na!!!

by the end of the July, a lot happened.

1. my sister and his partner - bf moved to a new house at taguig city.
(Okay lang un, least, the place is near her office)

2. I officially (feeling) moved in to RS' house
(take note, im with the family na.. sana okay lang un. Though sabi ni RS e okay lang daw, subconsciously, nahihiya ako)

3. wala na si Erwin Abad, my other officemates
(he's waiting pa yata sa mga pik-pak-bomm keme sa mga events dito sa office. haaay, kka-miss lang xa)

4. wala si Rowena Cabrera, RDT Coordinator
(but congrats to her new baby sebastian. sa bagay, she really doesn't need a job. hehehe. haaay again, i terribly miss her

5. i never seen my cousin again after lola's birthday
(sayang ang mga pictures, sayang ang beauty ko!! hehehe.. problem ko pa nito, i dunno his email address or any contact info)

6. suffered from all office crap specially regarding sa salary namen
('nyeta naman kasi ang mga tao dito sa office, minsan I was thinking kung hospicio ba dito or isang carinderia na open to all, basta.. sabi nga nila, JUST STAY PUT!)

and for this month: August 2010
1. .....
2. ........
3. ...........

isa lang nman,, try each and everyday to be productive and sensible:
as an employee
as a friend
as a partner
as a son
as a brother
as an uncle
as a person

(sigh) ang hirap yata nun..