foto!!! foto!!! foto!!!

was like a century since i last updated this one.. uber raining hard outside,, nothing much to do now since ms. lhong went outside fixin' some stuffs... heheh..

time to do this "bloggy-glog-Blog"..

i asked my co-worker before to take a photo of me using her cam fone,.

too bad, my moto ain't working.. good thing somehow that i can avoid being narcissistic.. ahaha.

nweiz,, just to share the recent photo i've got.
'twas taken on a monday setting, im on pink if u can notice my collar..
we do always have a PINKY monday..
my hair was kinda' short that time..

may face:
uber BIG. and there's nothing new about it..

so effin' like it!

[ooooooh.. didnt notice,,
erwin villegas,, my co-worker
was at the back!]