update # 6

April 19, 2012 (Wednesday)
Around 4:100pm

A big event held in Region XI
Blood Pressure: 210
Blood Sugar: 300
in short, stroke attack

3rd time in 2 years
vertigo, weight loss
sick leave, long absences

nakita siya na may pinagagalitan, ang hula, noong umaga palang e parang galit na sa mga organizers at nawalan ng pasensya sa nagsasalita sa harap ng madla dahil sa katagalan ng presentasyon


prior to the above incident

PM called and was asking if the memo was already sent to proper recipients, asked who's doing the task and said:

"meron dito na ang sabi wala pang natatanggap, meron ngayon lang daw"
"anu ba ang mga ginagawa niyo jan?"

ganon agad ang tanong? hindi ba pwede na ganito na lang?

"nai-send na ba lahat ng memo? pa-double check naman or pa-confirm kung napadala na kina _________ kasi sabi ngayon lang daw nila na-receive eh"

tsk tsk tsk....

HolyWeek 2012 - 02

My holy week spent with RS in Puerto Galera was all worth it..

Good Friday
- went to the beach
- drink and alcohol semi-intoxication under the sun was my goal
- had another few drinks and got tipsy

Black Saturday
- went to Tamaraw Falls, which i found so malayo and not so ganda naman
- stayed under the sun and got drunk
- cooked good food for a celebration-ish like party to welcome Easter Sunday
- partial alcoholism, hello!!

Easter Sunday
- waiting for the boat to arrive
- suddenly palpitated that much, worrying if I was nearly suffering from heat stroke or hypo-glycemia or whatever
- semi panic
- had to have our boat schedule be changed as I badly needed medical attention

met an attending physician

then i was okay.

re-scheduled our departure from Puerto Galera to the next day
had a good rest

Araw ng Kagitingan

left Puerto Galera early morning
arrived Quezon City

                                                                                       me me me...

HolyWeek 2012!

All of these done with RS..

3:00am - gising na

3:30am - travel from fairview to Jam Liner Terminal in Kamias

4:15 - 5:30am - wait for the bus to depart going batangas pier

5:30 - 6:15am - travel from Kamias to Batangas Pier

6:30 - 7:30am - wait for the boat to depart from pier to white beach

7:30 - 8:45am - travel from pier to white besch

8:45 - 9:00am - walk from shores of white beach to the house

...and yes finally, we've done few things like to eat breakfast costing Php180 for a longsilog, chixsilog, bottle of mountain dew and bottle of royal; buy some grocery ina "market" suppod tod be area para makaptipid sa gastos sa food since the house allows us to cook our own food.. Hehehe.. Hindi ibig sabihin nakabakasyon ka e hindi ka na magtitipid, in short, kuripot.. Hehehehe..

Enjoy everyone,,

Advance Happy Easter!!