- not having the time to complete the "30 Day Challenge"
- not being able to see my friend before she left for the Middle East, where, we'll be seeing each other after 2 years
- not being able to facilitate some payments for activities done 2 months ago


- got the chance to go back home (province) to see my family
- promoted / designated with a new position here in the office though the salary won't change
- got a new bag, the Cambridge Satchel Company 15" batchel mock croc skin without paying much for the imposed tax
- being able to survive my everyday existence

nothing much that I can recall for my lows and highs. Nevertheless, the above mentioned reminds me of the things I am capable of doing and the things I must work on, specially those that of work-related matters.

Happy September everyone and Welcome October 2011!


I was surprised that this came as one of the  topics that I should write something about. And thinking why, basically because, I got this from tumblr. ahahahaha

And let me just grab the 10 tumblr posts I love











and all of these can be found in my tumblr account.



geeeeeeeee, this one's kinda hard.

the first thing that came to my mind was the first time i watched a movie inside a cinema house. I can still remember that it was "Aladdin" and i just so love it. 

But i am thinking of a much earlier memory

think, think, think

I remember this incident when my mom has to go to work and me, as a child not yet studying, has to stay home. Both of my parents worked for the government so technically, before 8:00am until 5:00pm, they're not home and I'll be left with my grandmother. Seldom were the days that my mom brought me with her to the office, you know, government places are not for children, though she's a public librarian, who would like notice that I am there when I could actually hide behind bookshelves. ahahahaha..

Anyway, as my mom started walking towards our door and into our gate, I remember crying a lot and shouting out

"Ma!   Ma!    Mamaaaaa!!"

I even remember myself grabbing her legs and my mom trying to push me away, simply because she has to go or else, she'll be late. And by the time, she's outside our house, I'll be holding the bars of our gate and continuously cry and shout.

Now I am thinking, why did I do that?
It's just me, as a child, being plainly stupid,.,


But nonetheless, it helped me understood why some kids cry when their parents left them for work.



First, I'll choose somewhere I'd like to visit

Second, I'll talk of this current time

So, I want to visit my hometown in Quezon

I just so miss the place and it has been months since I last went back for my family and friends there

"there's no place like home"


hindi ko alam if seryoso ba ang sagot ko dito dapat or parang semi semi  lang.

But i think, the moment that i felt most satisfied with my life has yet to come. Parang all the things I am doing now, e part pa lang para makuha or maramdaman ko ang moment na yun. Though kontento naman ako sa estado ko ngayon sa buhay, masaya, maligaya at nakakaraos ika nga, hindi ko pa masasabi na satisfied na ako. 

satisfaction for me will only be realized once i stopped working and enjoying the life of a pensioned  and retired individual na naalala ng nakararami. Sa tingin ko kasi dun ko malalaman if sa mga nagdaang taon ng aking pagtatrabaho, pamumuhay e naging sapat ba ang aking mga ginawa, ang aking mga pinagdaanan at ang aking mga naitulong sa kapwa, sa pamilya at sa mga minamahal. 

Sabi nga nila, satisfaction is the pleasure obtained from the fulfillment of one's need and/or desire.
Techincally, every single day of being alive, i am satisfied since i desire to live and breathe but the ultimate satisfaction would only be noted in the future. 



Dahil sa isa akong premature baby, meaning 7 months lang ako nung pinanganak, ang birthday ko e napadpad sa zodiac signa na Capricorn, pero kung iisipin, dapat pala e isa akong Piesces. Nakakatawa minsan kasi pag tumitingin ako sa dalawang signs na yun, parang pwede naman pareho na applicable sa akin, or should I say, nagrarationalize lang ako.. hehehe

So, let's compare from different sources para malaman ko kung anu nga ang zodiac that fits my personality


Source 1
Practical and prudent, ambitious and disciplines, patient and careful, humorous and reserved. However, has negative traits like pessimistic and fatalistic, miserly and grudging, over conventional and rigid.

Source 2
A Capricorn is a person who will have a slow climb to reach their goals, but will eventually succeed. This person is not only ambitious, but practical as well. This is a feminine earth sign which is cardinal. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitations and discipline. A Capricorn will meet more than their share of obstacles in life, but with great precision, and their slow but steady pace, they will overcome. The element Earth is powerful for mother nature, productiveness, and fertility. Not until later in life will they reap what they have sown. Capricorn seem as though their feet are planted firmly on the ground, yet it can seem as if life just passing them by. Capricorns are also serious thinkers, keeping very much their thoughts to themselves. Actually, they are too busy thinking about bigger achievements and recognition thus never realizing that they have not shared their thoughts with loved ones.

Source 3
They are prudent and practical. Their ambitious nature does not allow them to ever give up. They are vigilant. They plan before playing any game of life. They may come across as sadistic individuals who are orthodox and rigid. Perseverance and tolerance are their greatest qualities. They are generally upfront in fighting whatever comes in their way.


Source 1
Imaginative and sensitive, compassionate and kind, selfless and unworldly, intuitive and sympathetic. However, has negative traits like escapist and idealist, secretive and vague, weak-willed and easily lead.

Source 2
Pisces is the sign of the swims up the river, the other swims down the river. The fish represent hidden depth, reincarnation, and continuous emotional currents. Pisces is a feminine water sign that is mutable, and known for compassion, romance, imagination, and intuition. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of mystery, deception, and illusions. The Water element for this sign makes Pisces loyal, sensitive, and devoted. The fish are incredibly sentimental and overly imaginative. With all the soft qualities that make up a Pisces, less sensitive signs often mistake them as weak or spineless. Pisces is a spiritual sign and they seem to have very old souls. Many have some type of spiritual awakening in their life. In less balanced times during their lives, these gentle creatures can become escapists and lean towards overindulgence.

Source 3
They are sensitive and sympathetic. They are kind and helpful. They can go out of their way to help their dear ones. This makes them excellent friends. Opinions of others can easily influence them due to which they can easily get carried away. They are not very determined or courageous. They are often vague in thinking and behavior. But their idealism is their true differentiator.


after thorough reading, isang malaking check, i fall under the zodiac sign CAPRICORN.



ayaw na ayaw ko ng ganito.. parang wala akong maisip na INTERESTING about me.
pero sa pagpiga ng utak ko, ito na!

1. hindi ako kumakain ng hipon, alamang, crab, alimango, talangka o suso

2. born and raised ako sa Quezon Province, it was only until I started working kaya nandito na ako sa manila

3. marami akong balahibo sa mukha, hindi naman ako balbon sa dibdib

4. mahilig ako sa banana cake, banana loaf, banana cupcake, lahat ng gawa sa banana

5. isa akong premature baby and 2 months akong nagstay sa loob ng incubator

6. may dimple ako sa left cheek

7. currently, i am with my 2nd work employer and nangangarap akong dito na ako magtagal

8. gusto kong mag-masters kaso wala akong pera, feeling ko hindi ko kaya ang tuition, gusto ko sa microbio or ung sa education

9. kung hindi ako nasadlak sa current work ko ngayon, isa na ako sigurong guro sa kolehiyo sa aming probinsya

10. napuntahan ko na ang visayas and mindanao region, salamat sa aking trabaho.. hihihi

11. hindi ako mataba, payat lang ako at simpleng tao

12. mabilis akong kumilos pagkatapos maligo pero bago maligo, matagal at patamad-tamad pa

13. super like ko manuod ng mga cartoons

14. hindi ako fan ng swimming at mga beach beach, yung sapat sapat lang na "i love the sun, i love the water" ang drama, hindi yun tipong "to die for"

15. i graduated with a GPA of 1.76 and technically, wala akong award kasi landi ako ng landi nun.. LOL

16. mahilig akong matulog at matulog ng matulog hangga't pwedeng tumulog

17. never pa akong nagpa-semikalbo haircut and i am dying one day ma-experience ko siya

18. i can wiggle my ears, feeling ko kasi talent ko yun

19. nakapagluto na ako ng chicken adobo, chicken afritada at fried chicken

20. bunso nga pala ako sa 3 magkakapatid, kamukha ko much ung panganay namin, yung sister ko

21. marunong akong magplay ng piano at guitar, can somehow read notes as well

22. mama's boy ako

23. madali tandaan birthday ko kasi araw yun ng kamatayan ni Jose Rizal

24. eto ang edak ko ngayon

25. lagi akong sumusuka sa umaga ng very lightly pag magtu-toothbrush na ako, bet ko lang at masakit yun in fairness

26. ako ang taong walang sports na kinareer, kahit jogging, hindi ko sinubok

27. wala akong alam sa mga cars, mechanics, airplanes, boats and all those manly stuff

28. Disney's "Aladdin" ang kauna-unahan movie na napanuod ko sa sinehan

29. akala ko nung bata ako, ang mundo ay ang pilipinas lang, mali pala ako, malaki pala iyon at may hugis "oblate spheroid" char!

30. so much love ko si RS, ang aking partner - this for me is really interesting.. hahahaha

hmmm.. para naman hindi interesting.. hihih


grabe naman ang dapat kong pag-isipan sa araw na ito.. the time i thought about ending my life.

Sa totoo lang, hindi ko pa naman iyon naiisip. Hindi ko naman sinasabi na masayang-masaya ang aking buhay, normal lang din naman. May mga times na malungkot ako, magagalitin, mainisin pero hindi ko naisip na magpakamatay sa kahit anung paraan like paglalaslas, pagbibigti, pagtalon sa building, pagpapasagasa sa motor, paghiwa ng vena cava ko or pagsaksak sa sarili. 

Sabi ng boss ko sa akin, may maganda daw akong support system and sa nakikita daw niya, hindi daw ako prone sa depression. Sa aking palagay kasi, yung mga na-totally depressed people and mahilig magpakamatay, sila yun mga nawalan na ng pag-asa sa buhay, yung feeling nila, wala na silang silbi or dahil may nagawa silang isang bagay na hindi nila alam kung paano masosolusyunan. Pero kung iisipin mo, sila yung mga tao na dapat dinadamayan natin, para maramdaman nila na mas masarap mabuhay, mahirap man, at least alam natin na buhay tayo kasi pag patay na tayo, hindi mo naman talaga alam kung magiging kaluluwa tayo or parang blank na lang ba ang thoughts natin? hindi ko rin alam kasi never ko pa naman na - experience ang ma-dead. hihihi..

at sana naman, huwag dumating sa buhay ko na gustuhin kong tapusin ang aking makulay na buhay. Pero, pero, pero... YEYS!! Pero kung dumating man yun, sana maging matapang ako at ma-rationalize ko na tama ang gagawin kong yun. 


I respect every religion existing.

Each has their own beliefs.

Each has their own principle.

for whatever it is,

i would not be agaisnt it,

as long as it does not harm other people

with the religion different from theirs.


nothing much for me to say but those two are connected. like the use of one leads to the use of the other. Drinking / Taking alcohol generates (sometimes) addiction, termed as alcoholism. An ample quantity of the alcohol increases as our body gets the hang of it. It increases because our brain tells us so, that we're no longer satisfied with the initial volume we're drinking.

How can alcohol be related to drugs? They say that like smoking, alcohol is a gateway substance to drug addiction. Addiction in the sense of abuse and in the sense that we're detrimental to other people as well to ourselves.

Me, I drink, I do that, but I always take into consideration the effects, so tama lang i guess and reminder: Drink Moderately!

Me, i dont do drugs and never will I since me, with my co-workers advocate substance abuse prevention and treatment.

**browsing over this website can be helpful


Where, where, where??

10 years from now, i would be 34 years old and i must admit, it's difficult to think where I want to be. But with the turtle-like efforts RS and I are doing, I want to see myself and RS already out of this country, working and earning much for our living where at the same time, achieved security, stability and maybe has enough time to see everything that can be seen. May I also include, we already have a son/daughter? hihihi

However, i must also look into the what if, like, what if we didn't get the chance to get out of the country?? Well, I want to be here, still in our office, as a public servant with a permanent position / item, compensated fairly and an asset to my current agency. This is not about me being pessimistic but just accounting reality in.

They say everything is possible as long as you'll work hard for it, but the problem is, I can be such a lazy person and I hate it. I know that to achieve something, I must exert every effort possible.

So, to see myself being outside of this country and/or being still here in the office are the only two places I want to be in 10 years (and the only things that I can think of, as of now) but it wouldn't hurt me I guess, if I'll be seeing myself in a different place aside from that of mentioned above. Maybe it's where fate wants me to be at. Besides, I don't dream big, just enough to sustain myself, my loved ones and my family. But who knows, the way I dream might change one day.

**Hoping that in 10 years, I would be able to see this entry and make another entry entitled "Me: 10 years after"



I am not single and uberly happy with my domesticated parter RS. 

I think almost everyone here knows RS, kung si Adonis nga kilala niyo e si RS pa kaya. We've been partners for almost 2 years and 5 months. I moved in to his place last year with his family. Our relationship has been open in my family's part but not on his part, I dont know why, kebs na lang kasi mas mahirap pag magulang ang nagtatanong, mejo nakakatakot kaya yun. hihihi..

Through this, I am thanking my partner, RS, for the following reasons:

- for being supportive in all the things I do
- for the care shown to my family specially to my mudak
- for the hugs given every night
- for the goodbye kisses every morning before he goes out for work
- for understanding my deficiencies, lapses and ignorance
- for forgiving my insensitivity at times
- for loving me so much
- for including me in your dreams

wabshumuch  ^_^