geeeeeeeee, this one's kinda hard.

the first thing that came to my mind was the first time i watched a movie inside a cinema house. I can still remember that it was "Aladdin" and i just so love it. 

But i am thinking of a much earlier memory

think, think, think

I remember this incident when my mom has to go to work and me, as a child not yet studying, has to stay home. Both of my parents worked for the government so technically, before 8:00am until 5:00pm, they're not home and I'll be left with my grandmother. Seldom were the days that my mom brought me with her to the office, you know, government places are not for children, though she's a public librarian, who would like notice that I am there when I could actually hide behind bookshelves. ahahahaha..

Anyway, as my mom started walking towards our door and into our gate, I remember crying a lot and shouting out

"Ma!   Ma!    Mamaaaaa!!"

I even remember myself grabbing her legs and my mom trying to push me away, simply because she has to go or else, she'll be late. And by the time, she's outside our house, I'll be holding the bars of our gate and continuously cry and shout.

Now I am thinking, why did I do that?
It's just me, as a child, being plainly stupid,.,


But nonetheless, it helped me understood why some kids cry when their parents left them for work.



  1. awww.... ang cute.. ako din ganyan. pero unlike you, binubugbog ako para tumahan at tumigil sa pagpigil sa nanay kong umalis ng bahay. :(