nothing much for me to say but those two are connected. like the use of one leads to the use of the other. Drinking / Taking alcohol generates (sometimes) addiction, termed as alcoholism. An ample quantity of the alcohol increases as our body gets the hang of it. It increases because our brain tells us so, that we're no longer satisfied with the initial volume we're drinking.

How can alcohol be related to drugs? They say that like smoking, alcohol is a gateway substance to drug addiction. Addiction in the sense of abuse and in the sense that we're detrimental to other people as well to ourselves.

Me, I drink, I do that, but I always take into consideration the effects, so tama lang i guess and reminder: Drink Moderately!

Me, i dont do drugs and never will I since me, with my co-workers advocate substance abuse prevention and treatment.

**browsing over this website can be helpful

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