I am not single and uberly happy with my domesticated parter RS. 

I think almost everyone here knows RS, kung si Adonis nga kilala niyo e si RS pa kaya. We've been partners for almost 2 years and 5 months. I moved in to his place last year with his family. Our relationship has been open in my family's part but not on his part, I dont know why, kebs na lang kasi mas mahirap pag magulang ang nagtatanong, mejo nakakatakot kaya yun. hihihi..

Through this, I am thanking my partner, RS, for the following reasons:

- for being supportive in all the things I do
- for the care shown to my family specially to my mudak
- for the hugs given every night
- for the goodbye kisses every morning before he goes out for work
- for understanding my deficiencies, lapses and ignorance
- for forgiving my insensitivity at times
- for loving me so much
- for including me in your dreams

wabshumuch  ^_^


  1. awaaard! kayo na talaga!

  2. ikaw na!

    e bakit di ka thankful sa "anuhan" every night? chos!!!

    monthsary nyo ba? happy new year!

    gulo ko!hahaha

  3. you guys look good together!

  4. @nox> hindi,, wala sa amin ang award,, nasa inyo.. LOL

    @mac> anu yung anuhan?? hindi noh,, walang gnon, we only do novenas and quilting sessions..

    @travis> thanks thanks.. hihi

    @conio> hehehehe.. wag mainggit, bad yun,, iakw din, soon,,you'll have one.