goodbye August, hello September 2011

hopefully come September 2011, with only 30 days, i could actually finish this one..
i found this on tumblr and was entitled "30 DAY CHALLENGE. HERE WE GO."

So, i'll try to finish this one with the best effort i can give. I'll give my answer, opinion and all the likes about the statement given on each day, try to do some research on related articles about it, just to somehow support my answer and nonetheless, answer them all truthfully.

By the first of the following month, maybe i'll read them all and re-think the things i've said, if they're worth for something or not.. hehehehe...


  1. wow!! will wait for this one!!!

  2. ay, hopefully! wala ka kasing post masyado, busy busyhan!

  3. @wilber> yay! thanks,, sana magawa ko nga siya.. ihihi

    @Nimz> thanks sis!

    @green> oo nga eh,, dami kasi gawa dito sa office,, kakainis,, pero sana matapos ko ito..

  4. marz!ang bongga nito!abangan ko ito :) tapos try ko din gayahin hehehe pero mauna muna ikaw hehe go marz!