ako na ang semi - wifey!!

July 27, 2010
after office hours

I directly went kina RS since i have to bring my clothes sa kanila. It was such an effort kasi as of now, mga pants ko palang ang nadadala ko e i'll be moving in na sa kanila.. hehe.. (live-in?)

So on my way, i sent him a message telling that I'm already on my way, He replied that i just have to get the keys sa botica (jsut beside their house) kasi no one's at home. He still attending his classes sa grad school.

Upon getting inside, rest lang ako in a bit and feel na feel ko naman na i am really part of their family (entrusting the house, keys and all). I changed my clothes and eto ka,
ako na yata ang wifey ng taon.

I did simple and usual things for him. After changing my clothes,
i cleaned his room, will all his scattered stuffs on the floor,
arranged his bed and the messy table,
washed some dishes,
did some laundry for him (his sandos and undies) (sabi kasi nya pag wala ako ggawin e)
and asked if i still need to cook some rice but he said 'wag na.

Then his mother called me to my surprise, asking if i was at their house.
Sabi ko nman oo, tinanong lang nya kung nasa'n c Gwen and Austin (sister and niece) which i honestly answered that I have no idea. Call her na lang daw if they arrived na..
My Gawd!! I guess they really accepted me as a part of their family.. :)

I was feeling the moment na most likely, i'll be doing the same things for him which i find so sweet. Sabi ko nga, pa'no na kaya kame if ever we moved out from his place and have our own??

haaay,, ako ang magiging wifey ng taon at cge, siya na ang manly..
ahaha.. manly moore!!

get together...

july 23, 2010
friday night

thanks to my high-school friends for such a wonderful night.

we met at richmonde hotel, at first we're too hesitant to got there due to the food costings and all.. But wait, there's more, we got 50% discount from all the food and drinks we ate plus 2 of my friends got the chance to sing with a live - band..

and here he is....

wednesday night,,
July 21, 2010

we went to the hospital, UDMC along UN avenue
it was actually my first time to go inside
though c RS, was always there before to see someone,
ung chief nurse yta o kung sino man related sa nursing services
since he was before aspiring to look forjob there..

anyways, Sir joel, Ruth, CHona and myself went there after office hours. of course, to see the new baby of ate weng,, we're all excited that we almost forgot to bring something so we just ran into KFC and bought her some food.. Ayaw pa nga niya magpadala ng food kasi,, ewan ko, she's really like that,

Along way, we noticed that it's already past 7pm e ang viewing hours sa baby is only by 5:pm to 7:pm,, huhuh..
i was like losing my hope na to see the baby lalo na at chona brought her digicam.. huhuhu...

Then came that we entered UDMC, at since it was my first time, i didn't know na marami xang elevators leading to different rooms.. ayun, lost in translation kame,. we went up then went down.. until nakita n namin, Room 309..

fortunately, ndun c baby!! weeeeeee... so happy tlga!! then we also saw ate weng and her husband,. at nagstart n ang mga kwento..

NAME: Sebastian Catalasan Cabrera
BORN: July 20, 2010

we talked of her experience, from pre and post-delivery, costings, whereabouts of family members, who went there for a visit, baby details and of course, office scenarios..hahaha

bsta it was uber saya to see ate weng again, she's the same old ate weng we used to have in the office..

nakakamiss nga lang siya and wishful thinking lang that she can still go back and work with us..



i received a text message:

Hello! Nanganak n me!
Bebe boy. Tnx sa prayers.

From: Doh.weng
Sent: 12:45 pm


and that's just one of the best messages ever..
so happy for my workmate.
just wishing she'll come back and work with us again..

congrats ate weng...

weekend stroll..


i stayed kina RS whole day, was too tired and sleepy to get out. RS went sa small kasi he badly needs a web connection for his school report. Ako, wait ko anak-anakan namen c adonis kasi promised nya dun xa magsleepover. c bakla kasi, tagal n ndi nagpakita pero keri lang.. we were all busy for the past nth days..

then came adonis and RS that night. masaya, todo ang chika ng mga bakla... gow n gow n c adonis.. ang anak kasi mejo laging depress lalo n pag iniiwan ng nagigign jowa.. kasi nman gow n lang ng gow, so advise n lang ang lola mu na date n lang ng date muna.. bsta very happy ako sa anak ko, for all the things happening to him now.. as in now!!


we went to trinoma since RS has to meet his classmate and do some school stuffs again.. kame ni adonis, ronda sa buong trinoma.
uber dami ng tao, as in. at for like 2 to 3 hours of walk, ndi n pala un healthy.. we felt like umay n kame sa mall, though very seldom n kame pumunta sa mga shopping centers.. sabi ko, gnon nga cguro pag tumatanda na.. hehe

then we came accross 2 beki, for sure magjowa.,. isang nka-power red n polo na mejo mashuba then isang keme n mahilig sa checkered.. what i just didnt like about the couple was that, ang taray nung naka-red with all his voluptious, taray looking face.. ang sken lang,, parepareho lang tayong bakla,, huwag kang mag-inarte.. better to show a no-reaction face rather than exhibiting your taray eksena.. e bakit ung mga todo wafu tlga jan at totoong may looks, they're very nice, tend to smile and bring heaven to earth..

naku,, nainis lang tlga ako nun,, pero slight lang.. hehehe.. kanya-kanya e, yaan ko na..

bsta,, it was such a nice day with RS and Adonis,, masama lang,, nawalan c adonis ng pera,, ooooh... careless kasi ng slight ang bakla..\\\





January to June 2010

1. Attended the following:

a. Re-Orientation and Workshop on the Conduct of Nationwide Random Drug Testing for Secondary and Tertiary Students

b. Review of the Administrative Order regarding the Accreditation of DOH-Accredited Physicians and Rehabilitation Workers

c. Post-Evaluation Meeting regarding the Training Program on Drug Dependence for DOH-Accredited Physicians (4th batch)

d. Cluster Meeting of TRC Chiefs, NRL, CSRU Heads with Asst. Secretary Punzalan

e. Nationwide Distribution of Morphine and Yellow Prescription Pads on DOH – Retained Hospitals for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao

f. Workshop on the Development of Information, Education and Communication Materials for Drug Abuse Prevention and Control

g. Training on Matrix Intensive Outpatient Program

2. Prepared / Monitored the following documents:

a. List of DOH – Accredited Physicians

b. TACT forms for Postgraduate Course and Training Program on DOH – Accredited Physicians and Rehabilitation Workers

c. Voucher for Technical Payment for UP-CPH and UP-PGH

3. Assisted / Prepared logistics for the following events:

a. Nationwide Distribution of Morphine and Yellow Prescription Pads on DOH – Retained Hospitals for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao

b. Training on Matrix Intensive Outpatient Program

Prepared by:


Training Assistant

Certified correct by:


Program Manager, DDAPTP-OSC

Approved by:


Director, DDAPTP

Special Assistant to the Cluster Head of the Office for Special Concerns

****guess, it's worth paying the tax.. lol!