ako na ang semi - wifey!!

July 27, 2010
after office hours

I directly went kina RS since i have to bring my clothes sa kanila. It was such an effort kasi as of now, mga pants ko palang ang nadadala ko e i'll be moving in na sa kanila.. hehe.. (live-in?)

So on my way, i sent him a message telling that I'm already on my way, He replied that i just have to get the keys sa botica (jsut beside their house) kasi no one's at home. He still attending his classes sa grad school.

Upon getting inside, rest lang ako in a bit and feel na feel ko naman na i am really part of their family (entrusting the house, keys and all). I changed my clothes and eto ka,
ako na yata ang wifey ng taon.

I did simple and usual things for him. After changing my clothes,
i cleaned his room, will all his scattered stuffs on the floor,
arranged his bed and the messy table,
washed some dishes,
did some laundry for him (his sandos and undies) (sabi kasi nya pag wala ako ggawin e)
and asked if i still need to cook some rice but he said 'wag na.

Then his mother called me to my surprise, asking if i was at their house.
Sabi ko nman oo, tinanong lang nya kung nasa'n c Gwen and Austin (sister and niece) which i honestly answered that I have no idea. Call her na lang daw if they arrived na..
My Gawd!! I guess they really accepted me as a part of their family.. :)

I was feeling the moment na most likely, i'll be doing the same things for him which i find so sweet. Sabi ko nga, pa'no na kaya kame if ever we moved out from his place and have our own??

haaay,, ako ang magiging wifey ng taon at cge, siya na ang manly..
ahaha.. manly moore!!

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