and here he is....

wednesday night,,
July 21, 2010

we went to the hospital, UDMC along UN avenue
it was actually my first time to go inside
though c RS, was always there before to see someone,
ung chief nurse yta o kung sino man related sa nursing services
since he was before aspiring to look forjob there..

anyways, Sir joel, Ruth, CHona and myself went there after office hours. of course, to see the new baby of ate weng,, we're all excited that we almost forgot to bring something so we just ran into KFC and bought her some food.. Ayaw pa nga niya magpadala ng food kasi,, ewan ko, she's really like that,

Along way, we noticed that it's already past 7pm e ang viewing hours sa baby is only by 5:pm to 7:pm,, huhuh..
i was like losing my hope na to see the baby lalo na at chona brought her digicam.. huhuhu...

Then came that we entered UDMC, at since it was my first time, i didn't know na marami xang elevators leading to different rooms.. ayun, lost in translation kame,. we went up then went down.. until nakita n namin, Room 309..

fortunately, ndun c baby!! weeeeeee... so happy tlga!! then we also saw ate weng and her husband,. at nagstart n ang mga kwento..

NAME: Sebastian Catalasan Cabrera
BORN: July 20, 2010

we talked of her experience, from pre and post-delivery, costings, whereabouts of family members, who went there for a visit, baby details and of course, office scenarios..hahaha

bsta it was uber saya to see ate weng again, she's the same old ate weng we used to have in the office..

nakakamiss nga lang siya and wishful thinking lang that she can still go back and work with us..


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