Where, where, where??

10 years from now, i would be 34 years old and i must admit, it's difficult to think where I want to be. But with the turtle-like efforts RS and I are doing, I want to see myself and RS already out of this country, working and earning much for our living where at the same time, achieved security, stability and maybe has enough time to see everything that can be seen. May I also include, we already have a son/daughter? hihihi

However, i must also look into the what if, like, what if we didn't get the chance to get out of the country?? Well, I want to be here, still in our office, as a public servant with a permanent position / item, compensated fairly and an asset to my current agency. This is not about me being pessimistic but just accounting reality in.

They say everything is possible as long as you'll work hard for it, but the problem is, I can be such a lazy person and I hate it. I know that to achieve something, I must exert every effort possible.

So, to see myself being outside of this country and/or being still here in the office are the only two places I want to be in 10 years (and the only things that I can think of, as of now) but it wouldn't hurt me I guess, if I'll be seeing myself in a different place aside from that of mentioned above. Maybe it's where fate wants me to be at. Besides, I don't dream big, just enough to sustain myself, my loved ones and my family. But who knows, the way I dream might change one day.

**Hoping that in 10 years, I would be able to see this entry and make another entry entitled "Me: 10 years after"



  1. tama tukayo maging ikaw parin kahit 10 years na...

  2. Ko cguro, 10yrs from now gusto ko nakatira na kami sa isang exclusive village sa makati, the fort o kahit sa tagaytay.

  3. if you and rs were given a choice, which country do you want to live in kiks?

  4. @tukayo> yis!! gnon dapat ang motto di ba?? hehehe

    @moks> wow,, para malamig at shallan noh.. ako mas bet ko sa tagaytay, parang mga iredero lang ang peg.

    @sean> uhm, canada i guess.. pero kahit saan okay naman as long na okay for us,,