Debut ni Anak..

august 15, 2010

This was the celebration of our beloved son, err.. daughter? Adonis.
we're extremely excited. This wase his debut and the first time that he allowed people to see his home, his family and all. Pero choosy ang bakla, chosen ones lang ang invited.

But the highlight of his celebration is to invite all of his manliligaws. There came Doi, Nick, Ikram and Barry, But the story with Barry ended a long time ago so foget about him.

I dont know if what's the initial plan of Adonis those guys, aside from being special in his heart. It just made his day, TIRING. He almost got lost on how to handle his few visitors. Or maybe i am thinking that it's his way of assessing who can be his new boyfriend. It's been like months since he had a relationship. Madali kasing ma-fall si bakla tapos pag naging sila, ay, very wrong pala. breakalu na agad. So as an advice, better collect, make friends then choose. Least he will have the chance to know all of them. Sabi lang nya, each of them has their own qualities, differing one from the other at ang hirap daw but sabi namin, he cannot continue to have them all, meron masasaktan and meron mahihirapan.

Where, the best advice I got for him is to choose one or lose all.

Until now, wala pang update si bakla,
but im wishin him the best the world can offer.

(cute ni bakla, inosente.. hehehe)
we both love him, RS and I.
Happy 21st birthday Adonis..

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