once in a blue moon

he was sick,, that i though he needs a lot of rest and that was given,,
saturday,, there goes the once in a year,, malate WHITE PARTY..
i nver tend to ask him if he would like to go or if he'll be goin since from all i was thinking,
he was sick, not feelin good and with all the stress he got from school and hospital,,
he'd rather rest at home but way i am COMPLETELY wrong,,
he said that if ever he had money,, even if he's sick,, he'll go..

im not mad,, i was just overly suprised by his answer..
i know it's his tradition but what i would want him to realize is to be
more caring for himself that some party stuff.

I may not understand how important the party is for him
that i'ts a tradition, something that needs to be fulfilled..
but as what I am for him,, i need to..

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