Happy Birthday Chloe!!

We happen to have a lot of things in common. Though babae siya at feeling babae ako, char! it has never been a hindrance to enjoy what she likes and what i like.

We've been neighbors, schoolmate, a total barkada. Even up to college, we went to the same university in Quezon where we had our freedom to know ourselves more. I can say we've been through a lot. Yung mga inuman namin with other people until umaga, yun tipong kami lang dalawa ang pupunta. Yung mga pag-attend ko sa prayer meeting just to see a cute guy and pretend that i am straight. Yung mga midnight travel namin just to dance in a bar. yung mga swimming - outing na kami lang dalawa ang pupunta, yung mga crazy nights sa bahay ng lola niya with other friends, yung mga sleep over then you she would see me naked with my partner (ahahaha,, room crasher kasi!), yung mga reto-reto to his boss, yung mga aura-aura namin together.. haaaaay..

Then one day, she has to leave the country for work. Malungkot pero keri lang. Our communication still remained, we talked through email and Y!m until came the time na we're busy with our own lives.

Days passed, weeks, months, sometimes no hi, no hello.

I don't know if i'm wrong of not saying hi or even to post a simple message on her fb wall but that's just what happened or i guess that's what's happening until now..

sad but true..

But I guess, ganon tlaga pag u'r uber busy with your work, with your life. you sometimes forget the people you've been with like the 1/5 of your life for example. As bad as it may seem but some friends are only taken for granted.. Anyhow, i hope this ain't applicable with the relationship we've established. We're like good friends and even more of a "kapatid"

What i always do remember, is the conversation we had before, that no matter how far we may be from each other, how long we may not be able to talk,, deep in our hearts will remain, the friendship we've established. Like what's important is that, we'll be there for each other no matter what..

to you my kapatid, may you have the most joyous and exciting birthday today.. i just miss you so much and i long for the days where we can do our stuff again. I may not be dropping you any message but that doesn't mean i no longer know you,.

The photo above was when we went to a resort na kami lang dalawa ang andun.
But still, we enjoyed each other's company and our trip..

You'll always be the Chloe i used to be with, the same Chloe i was with before. iloveyou kapatid!! God Bless and take care..

and this is for you...

Savage Garden - Crash And Burn

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: )


  1. happy bday sa friend mo! it's super nice having a 'girl best friend :)

  2. @ZAi> uy, thanks for dropping by,, hihi.. yup,, super nice talaga pag may girl best friend ka,, hihi.. thanks sa greeting for her. she read it na and she said, na-touch naman daw xa.. hihih

  3. Happy BDay to Chloe.

    wag kang magtampo. The best friendships are measured by distance, time and love.

    masaya kapag may friend ka na kapag nagkita kayo, kapahpon lang. LOL

  4. sa bday sa kanya hehehhe...

  5. love the crash and burn..to be honest>>>

  6. @mrchan> tnx for greeing her.. hehehe.. and yes, pag nagkita kami, parang kahapon lang.

    @tukayo> tinkyu!

    @sanunai> yes,, i love it too...

  7. Sweeeet! You are both lucky to have one another : ) Happy berdey sa sanya : )