boracay 2013

of course, boracay island is all about fun.. having no worries of what will happen next, fun beach under thr sun, seeing lots of people and ehem, seeing a sort of fruits (santol, durian, rambutan) chos!!

amidst the fun time and excitement of dipping into the waters, iagain had a low level of awareness,, i forgot that my phone is in my pocket.. such a stupid crap..

and afterso, my phone just died na wala akong nagawa...
sige lang, maybe it's meant to be..

pero sabi ko e baka lowbatt lang.. hihihi
Hello DENIAL stage..

oh well, to my contacts, wala ako phone ngaun,, just reach me through my twitter account @ceiboh

hindi naman ako nalulungkot, besides, nasa Boracay kaya ako,,,



  1. nako kakaloka ka mars! engot mo naman~! chos

    aba at nasa bora naman this time~! ikaw na!

    havfe fun mare :-)

  2. daming prutas jan ah hahaha

  3. sayang un phone! How's life in Boracay without a phone? hehe
    wala ba mga pictures jaN?