from them to me...

one of the things i like about being part of a training program is that i get to meet new people. from them i get new insights, ideas, vision should i say and most importantly motivation.

and this comes rare in my case. though i love to engage myself in talking,, it usually ends up nothing serious.

fortunately, one who doesnt know me well had me to share my personal views/thought/opinions and left me things i have to think through..

kaya ayaw ko ng may kumakausap sa akin ng seryoso eh.. tsk!

but still, im happy about it then now, i hope i can try to work on those things..


  1. Vague but uhm...

    Seems like you've been avoiding some things?

  2. Kow niloloko ka lang nun. Charot. Miss you mars

  3. ay..... ako naman gusto ko ng kausap.... basta hindi ako kulang sa tulog. LOL.

  4. @nomad > hmmm.. feels like yes..

    @mac> hindi naman siguro, iadd ko nga sa fb kasi friends na naman kami eh.. hihihi

    @felipe> sige, set tayo ng date para mag-usap naman tayo.. LOL