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RS is the kind of person who doesn't like or should I say, do not celebrate anniversaries, monthsaries and all of -ries that you can think of. And this includes the February 14 aka VALENTINE'S DAY. Since we've been together for like more than a year and a half, I got used to it. Hindi lang naman kasi porke't special yung araw e dun lang kayo dapat magcelebrate. We likely celebrate every weekend if we have the time, no work to do and such. We celebrate because, it's the only time we got where we can talk, have fun and enjoy the day together.

Came February 14, our initial plan was not to go on any date, but to buy some groceries for the house. So, after my work, I went straight where he's at. The mall was super crowded with people and it will be impossible for you to grab some good food for dinner. I thought we'll be doing the groceries or head home after telling him I'm hungry. But I was wrong. He made a reservation on one of the restaurants for the two of us. Isn't that sweet?

At the restaurant, we made our orders, talk of small things until, I mentioned some of my rants (as he called it). Well, I felt those were my opinions.

his lines (fabricated)
"Just in time kiko, I am not saying that you're wrong from what you're saying but this is not the right place. Didn't you know that I made this reservation out of our plan since I know that you'll be happy, I know that you consdier this as a very special day. You could have told me those things at some other time. "

"And how do you want me to react?"

"Instead of us enjoying this dinner, this night, well, it's ruined."

I apologized and told him that it's not in any of my intentions after saying those words that he be offended. Yes, I know what I said might or as sure offending but it's an honest mistake. Why would I do such on a very special day? I am sometimes too INSENSITIVE when talking of things, and it's because of mere STUPIDITY. I hated myself that night. We ate our food without even talking. We made some conversations still, and I admitted it's my fault. I hate myself when he gets mad at me because of me.

But afterwards, we then managed to talk. Maybe leaving what happened behind. We went home, took our bath and prepared for sleep. I kissed him good night. Faced the other side of the bed.

RS : Ah Ah,, Ako ba'y hindi i-hu-hug. Ako ba'y naiinis ng gano'n..

eeeeeeeeeeeeehhh.. and gow!! okay na kami..

LESSON: be sensitive of the things you say. it looks for the right time and the right place. transparency ain't an excuse.


i know that RS will be able to see this. so,

RS, it's not in any of my intention for what happened to happen. Yes, it's just because I am plainly stupid and maybe I can't help it which might not be a good excuse for you. But nonetheless, I'll make sure that it won't happen again. I'll keep track of the date and time when I am to speak of something. Thank you very much for you surprise. I wasn't expecting it. I already set my expectations that we'll just go home and have it as something ordinary. But I was way too wrong. You really are sometimes, unpredictable. And just so you know, I love you so much.



  1. SOMETIMES TLGA WE say things na hindi naman natin untention sbhin.. but still lesson learned :)

  2. Aw, good thing okay na kagad. Yakap lang pala and konting lambing. Happy valentines sa inyo! :D

  3. Wow, I'm nescient about love-and-relationship stuff and but this entry gave me a realization.

    I'm happy that everything's fine now. Hug-hug-an na! LOL

  4. i remember something na naexperience ko which ruined my relatioship to someone.hay... tama! may tamang oras at lugar para sa mga ganyang bagay.

  5. naluha ako sa kakiligan..grabe

  6. wow, at least naging okay kayo in the end, pero still....
    dapat nga din maging sensitive tayo sa mga sinasabe naten hindi lang talak ng talak, kundi isip at talak...


  7. o sige awayin mo pa siya.. tas ihug lang ulit.. wahehhe... kasi huwag pumatay ng trip.. wahehhe.. tas ok ikaw na katukayo ang may date..w ahehe

  8. @ carrie go > yup, lesson learned..

    @ Will > uu nga,, takot ko lang pag hindi kami naging okay.. hehehe..

    @ Ronnie > taray! nescient!! LOL
    happy to know u've realized something out from my entry.. hihi

    @ Kyle > naku, nagreminisce ka pa.. hehehe..

    @ period > hmmm... wipe wipe wipe the tears..

    @ Theo > uu nga,, okay na.. and yes, will be sensitive much na talaga.. hihi

    @ kiko > tse!! anung awayin ka jan.. hehehe...

  9. This is so sweet! :)

  10. wala akong masabi.

    alam ko na itong kwento na to kulet. and ganyan lang naman yan. tampuhan tas magkakabati.


  11. good thing nagkaayos kayo bago matapos ang araw which is good thing kasi panget naman kung valentines na valentines eh magkagalit kayo

  12. "and all of -ries that you can think of"

    aw... he doesn't like ovaries too? now that's sad. :(

    i kid, i kid!

    Great blog, by the way.

  13. @ mrchan > eeeeehh.. tlga?? salamat po.. kilig..

    @ pepoy > wala ka tlgang masasabi.. but super thanks pepoy, alam mu na yun.. hihihi

    @ hard > yup, buti na lang.. at least happy happy na rin di ba?? hehe

  14. @ Nhil > should i answer you, definitely?? LOL...

    thanks much for dropping by!

  15. relate nanaman ako ditey. hehehe. dati kasi share galore ako ng "opinions", kaya napagsasabihan ni leo. hehehe

    nice to have a partner na bina-balance ka noh? :D

  16. ang sweet at jusko ang cuuuute ninyong dalawa na magtampuhan. siguro kung nasa katabi niyo akong table, kukurutin ko kayong dalawa at sasabihing magtigil kayo dahil alam naman nating lahat na mahal niyo ang isa't isa. hala kiss na. belated happy vday sa inyo ni rs.

  17. @ nimz > naku sis.. gnon nga tlga tayon mga diwata, mahilig magshare at pumutak ng gow gow lang basta.. hehehe..

    *beso *beso

    @ Sean > naku, kung katabi kita e yumakap na ako sa'yo at nagsumbong.. char!! ahahaha..
    belated happy valtentine's day rin!!

  18. You're not stupid. Sometimes we can't help that we rant to the person we're most comfortable to.

    Because we know they would listen.

    But of course sometimes we have to be sensitive too.

    But it takes time.

  19. ah.. ehh...


    don't wanna start its gonna get bloody mushy here..

    so i'd rather not..

    all i know is..