... and there was HP

the much anticipated final movie of the Harry Potter will be shown tomorrow.. tama ba? and guess what, I won't be watching it tomorrow., ahahaha.. maybe this coming weekend or whenever time permits. (kung maka-arte naman ako, kala mo kilala si daniel radcliffe.. ahahaha..)

anyway, just seconds ago, i was browsing over tumblr, and found a lot of micro-blogs about harry potter, basta anything related about harry potter, starting from the author, the casts, the story, the reactions of the people about it, basta lahat.. check niyo na lang din..

then i found this .gif about thanking everything about harry potter and nakakatuwa lang,, so let me share this one..

credits for those who reblogged and liked this one ^_^

and if the image ain't moving, just click the image or just click here.


  1. ang bilis! nahilo ako! Hahaha

  2. Sigh! It really is at it's end now.

  3. 14 years! i must say na hindi ako instant fan... nagustuhan ko lang sha nung 4th buk na ung pinalabas sa movie then nagback-read ako and bak-watch! hehehe

    I love J.K. She's one of the best author

  4. I saw a documentary about Harry Potter fans nakakaantig ng damdamin. May isa doon they documented mula sa pagbabasa niya ng usang book hangang sa last,from being a girl she is now a lady.

    This book is indeed magical :)

  5. maraming nagattempt gayahin ang concept ni jk rowling, but no, nagiisa lang siya. :)

  6. @nimz> sorry naman sis,, hehehe.. buti nga sayo gumagalaw pa e sa akin screen, stagnant xa.. hehehe

    @xall> yes,, well, be brave little one,, ching!

    @mrchan> u made me look back that i started reading HP when i was in high school still.. and of course, mas maganda talaga ang book, u create ur own characters kasi,,

    sabi pala i rowling, thanks daw.

    @yehosue> meron talagang mga naging over avid fan ng HP.. ikaw ba??

    @nyabachoi> yes,, no one can replace her.. but me.. chos!

  7. I've been a Harry Potter reader for fourteen years. Sad to see the films end.

  8. ganda ng book at sulit din ng movie...

  9. that animated pic is...sooo cute!

    i cried at the end of the movie realizing na i don't have HP movies to look forward to anymore :| parang bata lang haha but it was an epic ending to an epic story! :)

  10. I love harry potter, eto last movie ang hindi ko pa napapanood : )

    Jk Rowling is indeed one of a kind : )

  11. bisi-bisihan ka naman saan aber?hahhaa

    muntik na ko makatulog sa movie,pero pinilit ko idilat mata ko kasi i wanna know what will happen hahaha kasi i saw all HP movies.