changes: from and to

i've heard this so may times,,

"change is the only permanent this in this world"

I agree


from dry to rainy season

from rural to urban

from BPO to GO

from dependence to independence

from QC to Manila

and back to QC

...... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

changes can be endured as long as they're for someone equally important

no worries!


  1. Tama ka diyan. And with the partner returning home, magbabago na naman ang aming body clock. Hehe.

  2. kaya mo yan friend! the best thing that we can do is cope with these changes, anyway, milestone naman yan. :)

  3. sometimes some changes makes us happy

    have a happy weekend

  4. sis, bago lay-out ng blog mo ah! suits well this recent entry - changes from and to.

    super like!

  5. agree. nothing is too difficult if it's for the one you love.

  6. kaya yan.. :)

  7. @mugen> hehehe... pero iisipin natin e okay lang yun kasi mahal naman natin yun tao di ba??

    @green> yes! be positive ang drama,,

    @lonewolf> had a great weekend, have a happy week ahead!!

    @leo> thanks sis!! muah muah!

    @sean> oo, lahat kaya, lahat kakayanin,, no matter what it takes..

    @tukayo> kung maka-comment naman ito,, kaya yan!! ahahaha.. apir at salamat!!

  8. check my blog now me surprise!

  9. It'sworth the sacrifice or long wait if its for the one that you truly love : )

  10. tama... change is constant. :(

  11. i love change but sometimes i hate it. Either way, it teaches me an important lesson that makes me satisfied and contented with my life at the end of the day. : )

  12. take time to move on :)

  13. @daniel> yes,, tama ka jan!!

    @khantotantra> di ba?? un lang naman ang hindi pwedeng matinag na kasabihan sa aking pagkaka-alam.. hehehe

    @erwin> parang chowking lang, i loe change! i want change! hehehe

    @tukayo> hindi,, saglit lang ito,, and tapos na nga eh,, hehe