for JPH

After a month or two of being hired here in my current agency came a girl. She became one of my close friends at work. We had like good times and none of the bad times together, we shared thoughts about people, about management issues, about financial issues and generally about life.

Until came, she has to be transferred from our office to the other, of the same agency, that she got an offer, I don't know if it's a promotion or a curse to her being but nonetheless, it brought beneficial implications to the program's implementation. With her being transferred lessen our times together to talk, to make sensible interactions and to have plain fun during office hours. But I don't like regret her being promoted or cursed for a new position, I thought, it's best for her and it's what God wants.

Currently, she's no longer connected with our agency, that she has now to focus studying and finishing her school to be a successful lawyer. Though she's no longer with us, her distance didn't limit us to know the things she's doing and to know that yesterday was one the significant dates of her life.

October 06, 2011
It's her birthday!

And thanks to facebook for the reminder.

Belated Happy Birthday JP! This entry is for you!
Hope to see you soon!


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