change: BPR

another big change in the office, the transfer of our program manager, BPR, to another agency. He said that if it was not for ________________, he would not leave. I think it's more of management and career growth issues. Of him being so good as our program manager, any agency would actually be more than willing to hire him, or should i say, "pirate" him.

I remember during a speech of his new superior, it was mentioned that the transfer of BPR is really a loss to our office but a gain in theirs. It could be void actually, he just have to let the period where he should take his oath. But seems this is more than an
opportunity for him so why let it pass.

I remember a story told by our co-workers during one of our flag ceremonies, which i didn't attend. When the announcement came relative to BPR transferring, everyone clapped except for my co-workers.

The incident of us being left by our superiors has happened 3 times already. It is really a sad reality but on the other hand, it makes us strong and willful to continue our advocacies and activities without them, to show that the people they left can be trusted to never let the program down.

For sure, he will be missed.
and anyhow, he's jsut a phone call away..

This pic was supposed to be taken with me and BPR only, e biglang sumama yung iba..
 #hateit.. ahahaha

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  1. Loyalty to the program bears more weight than loyalty to the superior. My two cents.