Quicky ...


another great weekend pero don't have the time to write all the things that happened.
Like after 3 days, ngayon lang ulit ako nakapag-open ng blog ko and i was amazed / surprised that i've had the highest page views ever since the time that i started blogging.. hehe

as of now, i'm here sa SM san lazaro with RS and two of my friends..
mali pala ung sinabi ko about dun isa kong friends dun sa isa kong post, kasi sila pa pala ( i mean sila na ulit )
But they're still having some problems ngayon. It has something to do with pagiging sinungaling kahit daw na-huli na then giving away numbers sa PR.. haaaay..

Si friend A has a pseudo account at PR and he's been chatting with his BF, without him knowing it. Then he found out that his BF will be meeting a guy tomorrow daw. He still don't know his plans relative to their relationship. Love niya si BF and there's no question about it but he's BF continuously doing unloyal acts..
Minsan talaga, pasira ng relationship yang PR na yan eh. But on the other hand, still, i come to think na kahit hindi sa PR, you can give out your number and still, if naturally flirt ka, you'll be a flirt.. kahit novena.com or rosary.com pa ang social networking site mu.. haaaay.. i'll just pray for them. Hirap na magsalita and sa totoo lang, hindi ko alam kung ano ba talaga ang sasabihin ko..


tomorrow until friday, I'll be out of the office, meron kasi kaming activity so, wala munang mga posts-posts, tweet-tweet, fb fb and all. haay, mejo nakakalunod na siguro by the time na mag-log-in ako ulit ako. Posts will be flooding na naman and ma-tatanga na naman ako sa mga nangyayari.. hehehe.. plus, i'll be missing those people na lagi kong nakakausap.. hehehe

ciao for now! have a great week ahead everyone!!



  1. Habe a great week ahead to you too parekoy!

  2. hope you're having a blast by now. we'll be waiting for you to share your adventures when you get back mars.


  4. ewan ko ba malimit na ata sa mga PLU ang maging unfaithful!

    buti nalang,di ako kasali!chos!

    at tama yan magtrabaho ka naman hindi un puro net net!hahaha


  5. ako hindi ako unfaithful, though i haven't undergone the kind of relationship yet.

    enjoy the week. :)

  6. honga puro ka net, pakinabangan ka naman ng kumpanya hehe. ikaw na ang maganda, ikaw na ang magaling. hehe.

  7. You made a perfectly valid point there. Once, err, a "flirt," always a "flirt." Regardless of the social networking site.