weekend blast #02

and i can see i am counting..

I was wondering why every weekend,
we tend to go out, do stuffs, see people, try new things etc.
and RS gave me this answer:

"for a whole working week, we are so much busy doing our own things.
It's the time that we give ourselves the time do things na kailangan
tayo lang ang gagawa with our own set of friends.
Every night, though we see each other, very little naman ang time natin to talk what happened during the day since we need to rest.
So, pag-weekends, it'll be the only time na kelangan natin ilaan for one another.
Yun lang pati ang time that we can do anything planned or unplanned.
And anu ba? we both need some break or reward sa sarili natin..

Sabi ko na lang,, may tama siya..


Last saturday, we watched the movie "Eat, Pray, Love" and it was uber nice for me.
It taught me that we need not to rush things. The person that you're with today may not be the person that you'll be spending your life forever.
Everything can change in an instant without you knowing it.
Everything may fall down, but at the end of the day,
still, something's good is waiting for you.

I thought of me and RS if how long we'll we be staying together.
Within the next 3 years, 5 years or until next year?
I do not know and as of now, ayaw ko na lang alamin..

Kasama rin namin ung friend ko and his partner,
the one I was talking about from one of my entries.
And since magkasama na ulit sila,
I think everything's fine na. No more questions asked.
Basta okay na sila.


I also had my hair cut, we went to Morayta, dun kasi kami nagpapagupit.
And as usual, stories about regine velasquez na naman maririnig mu from their senior hairstylist.
Had my hair cut short, wala ng powerbangs kasi hindi ko talaga bet,
then next time, i'm planning na magpa-semi naman.
Just for a change.


During the night time, we ate sa CHADES (sa alvarex st., sta. cruz, manila),
they serve "silogs". As in, iba't-ibang silogs..
I ate hotsilog na sana sa house na lang kame kumain. ahahaha.
Then after, we went straight to MS and RRG's house (our friends).
We had some drinks. No malate fever for the night.
Para lang kaming mga madre sa loob ng kumbento.
After an hour past midnight, we went home na.
Logged to fb, blogger and twitter for like 5 minutes lang then off for a bath.
Off to bed.


Sunday na.

Nothing much, woke up around 11am, ate my brunch.
Then we went straight to Tutuban/Divisoria para lang maningin ng kung anu-ano.
Walk walk walk lang ang drama namin sa loob.
Nagutom. Kumain ng pansit with pan de sal for 10php
(ang mahal! Kinain ko agad to check baka kasi may ginto. ahaha.)
Pero wala. Purely tinapay lang talaga.

isang mahabang HAAAAAY na lang muna..
Medyo nakakapagod pero masaya.
Next week, I have no idea where will we be going.
Basta alam ko, It's my sister's birthday and I kinda hate it kasi it means that I have to go to her place ans listen to all her stories again.
I have nothing against (kasi kapatid ko siya) her except the fact that she's kinda histrionic with dependency issues..



  1. ikaw na ang Manila explorer. hihi

    hindi naman ako na-shock na hotsilog ang in-order mo. :P

  2. puro nga manila..
    puro jeep jeep jeep...

    masarap tlga ung hotsilog noh..
    alam ko, un din ang gusto mo.. ahaha

  3. napapagod ako sa dami ng lakad mo buong weekend... hehehe sarap gumala..

  4. naku moks.. nakakapagod tlga..
    pero masaya.. hehehe


  5. sana basahin mo din ang Eat Pray Love...
    at wag mo na isipin kung hanggang kelan kayo ni RS. bad yun! hahaha

  6. @DB >> yup, will do.. paunti-unti kasi dami din gawa office.. hehe