for JRG...

I started working 2 to 3 months after graduating from college. I chose the BPO since i felt like it'll give me financial security. And yes, it did. But after meeting different kinds of people, literally different and after seeing how a management of a big company works, I told myself that I need to liberate myself from such and start anew.

One of the people I met was JRG, he's one of a kind. He's a good maximizer (a term we used for those who has a very high sales percentage) and a certified bully CSR to customers. When we talk of serious matters, there's one thing that you could remember, he's working for his mom aside from himself of course, but he prioritizes his mother. So much good for a son for her mother.

Until came the time that he left the company and look for another one, has something to do with the great recession as they call it in the United Stated. Me, I survived, stayed in the company for a couple of months still.
Sabi nga nila "patibayan na lang". We kept the communication though we're no longer workmates, we still went out to have fun and maintained the communication, the friendship.


Seems like I can't finish this entry because i am sad, i'm regretting some things but i know it'll just do no good. Let's just put it this way, JRG went through something really bad, the current path I chose somehow allowed me to be on his way. I tried to help him but the efforts exerted were not enough. I may already see it coming, but the day I received the message, I totally froze and just said "bakit ang bilis?"


You're on a peaceful place now.
Thanks for trusting me. Thanks for everything I can and cannot remember.
We'll sure miss you. I will miss you.

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  1. awwww ganon talaga ang buhay. kaya nga enjoy and live a good life habang may natitira pang oras.

  2. pede mo i-comment sa akin naka comment modification naman ako eh hindi ko na lang siya i-publish

  3. @ nimz >> yes sis :(

    @ kyle >> yup, we have to enjoy what's left for us,, and also, we have to take care of ourselves more more..

    @shen >> teh! maki-simpatya ka naman.. kaloka ka teh.. LOL

  4. wee namatay ba siya?

  5. dama ko ung pain mo...

    but pede ba alaman what happen to him

  6. sori.. anu beh hindi ko pa siya nababasa kasi ginagawa ko kanina yung blog ko for ronnie.. am so sorry.

    pero na shock ako.. oh my gosh!

    anu nangyari sa kanya?


  7. whoa.

    btw first time here...

  8. awww.

    life's too short indeed. let's be grateful and spend it with people that matters most. pagdasal natin sya.

  9. @ D Knight >> T_T too

    @ Kiko >> yup, he did..

    @ uno >> bsta something bad that made him predisposed much...

  10. @ shen >> hehe.. gnon ba.. he's resting na,, at peace..

    @ Ronnie >. yup, sad tlga but kelangan tanggapin.. everything shud still go and move forward..

    @ kalansay >> hey there.. visit lang ulit..

    @ Doc Ced >> yup,, i couldn't agree more with you..

  11. For immortality is but a myth...