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Last January 12, 2011, the Department of Health announced that they'll be launching a project for unemployed nurses, wherein they'll be deployed to poor communities throughout the country. Applications can be filed starting January 17, 2011 (think, this can be done online)...

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Sa mga nursesita jan, gow na kung bet nyo...
ako, hindi naman ako nurse, pero malay mu lang, makatulong ako sa iba, di bey?

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Para sa bayan ito..
To serve its purpose, they ask you..




  1. oo nga pala daming nurses na walang work ngayon. buti may allowance kaysa sa walang work, di ba?

  2. they should've done this years ago! :)

  3. dami na kasin nurse ngayon no.. wahehehhe...

  4. buti naman kasi sobra daming nurses na graduate ngayon at konti ang work sa kaya ang iba sa call center bagsak or medreps

  5. Finally! How come it took them years to plan this when all the while people's welfare most often in the rural areas are of utmost concern.

    Weird but finally!

  6. good that DOH thought of something worthwhile... for sure, this will benefit a lot of fresh graduate nurses.

  7. @ Kyle >> yup,, least they'll have something to work on na, with their profession, though compensation wise, mababa sa regular entry level of a Nurse I for govt service

    @ Will >> before they have this na daw, na-end lang kasi db tapos na term ni GMA, NARS yata un dati..

    @ Kiko >> yes, at patuloy na dumarami.. more more more!!

    @ Hard >> yup, and i think that's what they call being underemployed..

    @ guy >> yes, i can see your point, but relative to people' welfare in rural areas, they have the "Doctor to the Barrios" naman

    @ Leo >> uy, the Department has been thinking of worth projects naman, hindi lang siguro napapansin masyado. What they have now may have impact lang kasi nga it's very obvious that we have a LOT of RNs out there..

  8. at last meron narin clng naisip na tulong sa mga nurses. d naman lahat ng nurses makakatagal mgvolunteer lng for months or years to have this experience needed abroad. they should have done this years ago. my ginawa nga silang tulong noon pero temporary lng at limited lng na nurses ang nakapagwork sa municipalities. this time,it will end up yung pagnenegosyo ng mga hospital sa mga kwawang nurses. but then the 10, 000 jobs for nurses is not enough for hundred thousands who are unemployed.

  9. finally, after 100 years nagkaroon din ng ganyan, di naman ako nurse pero makakatulong yan sa milyon2g nurseing graduates dito sa pinas, :D

  10. toooooroooy! ikaw na DOH representative sis. hehehe

  11. finally something to do for those thousands who have nothing to do after they passed the exams.

    good job DOH!

  12. aba ito ba ay isang public service announcement mula sa bagong sec of health?LOL!

    magkano daw sahod?hahaha kasi ipapasok ko si brian jan!

  13. @ anonymous >> haba naman ng comment mo.. hehehe.. nweiz,,

    yup, least they'll have something to do but from what I know of, this project doesn't entitle those who will be hired for permanent position. please correct me if in wrong, as told to me by a co-worker, this may be done on a per batch system, like after a year, the contract will end then will be given to the next batch of hired RNs..

    but still, least they thought of something that can help the nursing community. mabuti na yung meron sa wala..

    @ Theo >> yup yup, sure it'll help and tingin ko, bonggang-bongga ang number na mag-aapply dun..

    @ Nimz >> yes sis, ako na tlga.. sssshhhh... wag maingay, walang nakaka-alam.. ahahah

    @ engel >> yes, good job for DOH.. clap clap clap!!

    @ Mac >> tse!! anung sec of health,? hindi, isang mensahe lang mula sa isang public servant.. hehehe

    hindi ka nagbabasa ng article teh! sabi 8K daw allowance, plus minimum of 2K from LGU.. it's a little far from the salary of a Nurse I as entry level position.

  14. good job to DOH
    !!!mlking opportunity smin mga nurses project nio n e2!!sana mkpsok din aq ul8 dis tym!!!

  15. yup,, grab the opportunity na.. gow gow gow...