An ERAP joke..

one afternoon when i was feeling really feverish, i had this conversation with a friend. We seem to chat every afternoon, around like 4:00pm onwards, when I no longer have any pending office works. Okay, Fine!! ako na ang nag-cha-chat sa oras ng trabaho. ahahaha.

What we usually talk about are jokes, siya lagi yung nagjjoke kasi mas marami siyang alam. Ewan ko ba kung bakit hindi ako biniyayaan ng talent to remember jokes. Sometimes corny yung joke, but it's in the "corniness" (may term ba ng ganon? hehehe) that I found the real score for laughing. Going on, he had this joke about Erap and Jinggoy. It's stated like this:

Erap: anak akyat ka nga sa puno, check mo kung hinog na yung mangga
(edi akyat naman si jinggoy)
jinggoy: dad hinog na!
erap: baba ka na jan sungkitin na natin!!

we laughed and laughed. i even shared it to my officemates and they also laughed.
But the thing is, while we're busy chatting, i came to rationalize the joke in a slightly serious manner. Like why Erap asked his son Jinggoy to go down with him instead of instructing to get the mango.

We all dream big, wish for something that could give us fame, wealth, stability, fabulosity (?) and security. We all have our own goals in life, ung parang minsan sabi ko, kaya ako nag-aral e para ma-achieve ko yung aking mga goals, but there's something I didn't see until i started working. It's not all about the education I got, but it's a plus-plus of things. Like the combination of my education, willingness, tight faith, own strategies and being wise on my decisions. The child in me before thought all would be easy. Just after graduating comes working then voila!! I'll be able to get the things I want.

But a big NO embraced me. Jan-Jaran-Jaraan!! It opened my eyes and paved my way to Mr.Reality. In which in one way or the other, taught me that not everything can be obtained / achieved easily. I have to go through difficulties, have to go through some trials, tough situations etc. basta, kelangan daw may eksenang ka-dramahan pero kelangan din, you'll take it in a positive way.

Going back to the joke, I compared the "act of getting the mangoes" to my journey of achieving success in life, JINGGOY to me and ERAP to reality. Reality in one way or the other will pull you back to where you have to learn things the hard way. Of course, it gives you the hope that you can achieve what you want, get what you desired, but it pays to wait and asks for patience and effort. Para bang, hindi lahat ng gusto natin is makukuha sa isang agarang paraan.. hehehehe.. And though ERAP pulled JINGGOY back with him, they did get the mangoes, in the hard way yet enjoyed themselved through a father-son interaction kemerut boom boom.. hehehe

At ako na daw ang nag-explain at nagpaka-seryoso sa isang lumang joke about ERAP and JINGGOY. Yung friend ko kasi, kung anu-anong joke ang alam.. ahahaha..

Happy weekends everyone!

It's time to rest after a long 5 days of working,

in lieu of the ways in achieving stardom!!




  1. chos mag rest pa e buong week ka naman resting lang din sa office nyo!LOL!

  2. I'll bring this with me wherever I go. This will help a lot. :)

  3. nyahahaha. benta sa akin ung joke! ;)

    Happy weekend sis!

  4. haha alavet!!!


  5. hahah waley chong.. hehehe... sige na nga ingat ka sa weekend mo...

  6. hehe napatawa ko sa joke na yan ah :)) happy weekends :))

  7. @mac> oi,, hindi naman teh!! ahahaha

    @ryan> hehehe... gow!! bring it! bring it!

    @nimz> cute di ba sis? sa akin din, bsta kahit anung erap joke, bentang-benta!!

    @Theo> booom!! clap clap clap!!

    @kiko> tse!!! havey yan!!

    @ken> good at napatawa naman kita.. hihi

  8. aliw yung joke. i read your blog. nakakaaliw. =)

  9. pinababa pa talaga si jingoy, wawa naman erap : )

  10. @thewanderer> thanks po.. read lang ng read.. hehehe

    @daniel> pnu nman naging kawawa si erap?? ahahaha

  11. hahahaha! parang kilala ko na kung cno yung nagjoke nian sayo! LOL

    miss ka na niya! :)

  12. @mrchan> naku ngayon lang nagcomment.. ahahaha.. weh? di nga?? char!