The Department of Health, through the different hospitals nationwide, is distributing FREE MORPHINE (10 and 30 mg) for patients requiring the medication (i.e. pain management for cancer, post - operative care, chronic rheumatism, etc.). For more information and list of distributing hospitals and medical centers, please call Mr. Danilo Talampas / Mr. Midas Arcega of the Dangerous Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program under the Office for Special Concerns, Department of Health at the following contact numbers: (02) 711 - 0781 (Direct Line) or (02) 651 - 7800 local 2023

this has been posted to some of our national tabliods like the People's Journal and Libre(the one you get for free when riding the MRT/LRT) last March 30, 2011

hope this can be of help to anyone you know..
if you want, you can repost this so that it can also be read by your followers..

thanks much from my heart, from our program..

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