i am not in the position…

i dont know if who the earth would care to read my blog but welcome again and sorry for sorts that has to be apologetic of.. now is 1:38am,, saturday, february 21st of 2009.. not feeling well that i didnt had enuf sleep, needs to go to work but the heck im tired and need to rest. aside from it, i no longer enjoy what i am doing,, i do love my job, the things i do, the people i get along with,, but the things is, im no longer into it,, this has been the first period of my entire life where i felt no fulfillment from what i am doing,, needs a new air na, new environment,, ready to start all over.. i have decided,, a week from now, that’ll be time that i’ll render what i have to render.. no regrets, just a big step ahead,, for a new life, something that i can be proud of again but can satisfy what im supposed to have..

title: im not in the position,, why? not in the position to be able to say that life is really cruel,, i was wrong when i say im really stupid to fall on the creek again, w/o even looking first how steep it can be nor assuring myself i do have a good base to walk through.. to w/c the fall i had made me realize im a worthy person, that it will be seen by others unexpectedly..

helped me stand up and feel that im special,. but as i stand w/ my own feet, i said that it should be in a manner that i may not feel im forced to stand immediately. that i need to know first if il break some of bones again if i did it quick or if il get dizzy and just bumpd again w. the wrong person who happened to help me… evryone can help you but afterwards, not evryone is there to make a follow up on what should u do..

i am not in the position to say i am in a confusion,,

but i am in the right position to say that this is the right time for me to think of what i will do next.. ..

****taken from my previous blogsite...

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  1. hi! im back reading your blogs.. kinda interesting.. hihi