another day,, one boat in two rivers

damn! am i what??
started the day by 8:00AM,, gone to SSS here in our place to get an ID after working for almost a year and 9 months,, had my reason xe that this is the only time ive had to work on those things,, hahaha.. Of course, the night before, had an arrangement already,, i was invited by B to go to their place,, have some chitchat, eat and watch some DVDs,, i was too excited for it kahit na the day before, we two were already together,,

arrived in B's place by 11:15Am, but prior we dropped by to a grocery store and bought some stuff to munch out,, in their house, watched 2 movies,, mejo corny but we watched "dayo", i was thrilled when i saw the girl character that has wings and "a very special love".. hihihihi.. kakilig nman ung movie and had given us some laughs and thoughts to talk abt..

around 4:00pm, he felt that i am sleepy and wanted to rest,, xe after B, i need to meet A and he knows abt it,, it's something i have promised to A xe they will be leaving for puerto tomorrow and me, I'll be going so province. We went upstairs to his room,, anu pa ba pwede gawin, we hugged each other, kissed each other very sweeeeet like there will be no tomorrow but we didnt have sex.. why? we have to control ourselves abt that matter, we thought of it as something sacred that we would only do it, once that i have committed myself already.. It isn's hard namn, kasi i do know how to control myself and that B also knows how to do it..

while we're lying, B asked me,, what do you like abt A?? i said A's mabait,, but then B said, how abt me? It had me an answer that i liked B due to the way of thinking,, B thinks more that what is right for the age. not totally mature but had a lot of dreams, goals, perseverance to w/c i am looking forward to have as well,, dun ako my problema that's why i said, i do also need someone that can help me figure those things out,. Si B n kaya un?? ewan ko..

hala! told B it's already 5:15PM and i have to go by 6:00PM kasi 7:30Pm kame mgkkita ni A sa Rob gelleria .. so we went sa SM muna to have some sundae, akin xempre hot fudge then sa kanaya caramel daw... on our way,, we talked of something abt what i was doing,, then i told B that the words coming out were indirect words saying that i need to choose one na..
ayaw ko magmadali i told B, i need to see things first,, he accepted my reason and that's one i do also like abt B.. I also thanked B for us not having any sex xe bka mmya,, after nun, we'll never know what myt happen next.. After eating and chatting, B walked me to the LRT station na,, to w/c when it reached EDSA, will ride another MRT going to ortigas,, we waived byes and give smiles to each other,,

Ayan na,, eksena na sa LRT,, dami people, lalo nman sa MRT,, kahit bukas AC nila,, walang epekto, sa dami b nman ng people,, ewan ko n lang kung bkit nid n umunti ang tao dun, hahaha..
arrived Ortigas MRT station,, A texted me, still packing things up,, i said, okies, just go ahead, what can i do?? alangan mag-inarte p ako,, ndi n bagay noh,, stressed n nga ako sa byahe eh..
so, told A, we'll meet sa 2nd floor, sa my Benetton,, To make it short, he arrived after 30 minutes,, Punyeta!! i was no longer in any mood to be cheered up,, the things for me, is that usapan is an usapan,,, ive given my best to be there on time, but then xa?? ewN ko.. A askd for an apology,, told A, e anu pb mggawa ko... then we ate,,talked of nothing much and stroll..
Nothing to say much , kissed?? uu,, ndun n nman un of course,, and cuddly things that can bo done..

iv just noticed one thing,, when me and A was eating,, i grabbed his phone just to take again some pictures of A.. then he got the phone immediately saying that, the time isn't ryt and he just needs to fix it?? question 1,,, am i looking forward to see the time , is that my reason on why would i be getting his phone??/ so,, go,, fine,, change the time according to A.. But,, But,, But by the time A gave the phone back to me,, what i have seen??? "No messages found" uinder the SENT ITEMS,, under the Messaging Menu... parang?? are you hiding something from me??
i did just laugh all by myself inside na,, huh? weird,, i even told A that it's not in my ugali to look on someone else's phone for the messages,, pakielam ko dun,, plues, A is not my partner. not committed w/ each other and A still has the its own life..
, i was only going to take some pics,, duh?!

I would not say it's a complete turn off but then,, ayaw ko ng gnon,, A has to lie for something that has nothing to be lied upon on... Burns me here.. and i hate it..

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