this is it...


those were his words for me evrytime that he'll be sending me msg or will be posting something.
im happy and proud abt it. u know how it feels that someone longs for you, misses you and totally cares for you..

march 8th,, as early as 9:30, i left our house, went to trinoma to meet someone,, it's kind of a date that we've long to do,, an extraordinary one that it really took us to be early as possible.. hehehe.
to ame the story short, we did roam the whole trinoma with all every botique inside and see things,, buy some stuff,, eat then walked across THE BLOCK, same thing we did see all the shops and the things they can offer us.. hehehe.

Finally,, by night, we went to their house, i finally met his parents,, they're very mabait nman that made me feel comfy at the same time,, mejo nahihiya nga ako but you'll feel magaan kasi both of them smiled at me,, asking general questions and one good thing, the mom was also from Quezon so,, sabe ko nga,, i do have my Quezon accent back when im talking w/ them.. hahaha
we slept and alam mu n un, hahaha..

next morning,, ayun, i went home,, really was so happy being w. him but was very tired din tlga. kaya when i got home, after eating 2 buns of burger, made me sleep,, n dapt il go out to buy some clothes p din,, kaya bka tomorrow n lang,, will see if i can find some stuff in tutuban or in divisoria.. hehehe... hopefully makasama ko ulit xa..

nothing different happened but something unexpected came in,, made me happy,,
as he always say, orgasmically happy!

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