cge na,, ako naman pahirapan mo...

really am very restless the night we argued of something,, that i cant imagine what may happen if i would be losing him.. the night after, i surprised him, went to his school, we met..
he was very cold and we talked of what happened,,

"anung ginagawa mo dito?" those were his words that i cant answer,, of course, im there to beg fo an apology but he said, no need for such.. he just felt so bad that im not serious for us,, like even if how many times i would be telling him im serious and im looking for a better us,, parang ayaw n nya maniwala.. that maniniwala nga lang siya, just becoz i said so..

the night went out well, that we came into the normal beings we are for each other,,
am totally and super happy that i was able to touch him again,, hold him in his arms and slightly hug him.. while we're in the coffee shop, he asked me what was i waiting for just to let myself commit with him... he was supposed to ask it pa daw but then, he was really maingay and it really must have been playing on his mind,, i didnt answer until i said,, maybe for what happened,, this is the thing that im waiting for.. (hindi ko lang alam if narinig nya un)

then by the time we parted out ways,, i have to go sa office and he has to go home na din,,
i send him a message,, thanking for spending the time w/ me again,, and told him for the first time,, I LOVE YOU... he replied but nothing abt the words i told him..

ngaun, i am afraid that baka ako naman ngayon ang mahirapan to win him back for what happened.. i dont know,, i even told him that he's ignoring my messages indicating that i love him,, but still he replied casually,, I admit, nasasaktan ako,, but i have to wait until he give me his words again like before,,

please,, now that im ready to take the step forward with you,, bakit ngaun ka pa ganyan,,?

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