restless for what am feelin' sorry

thank you so much for being proud of me,, for buzzing me to everyone,,
but one word i used seems unacceptable to you,,

he asked me, where i have been,, he met his friends then ako din gnon.
we shared the things we did,,
he said he told everything abt me sa friends nya,,
ako nman, told him i told my friends that i have a k-CHURVA..
said he felt bad abt the term i used that he felt im not proud of him..
uu nga, wla p kame commitment xe am waiting for something p din to w/c
hindi nya alam kung ano
i'm still waiting for the right time to tell him that i love him so much
and i'm ready to be committed again..
he's the only person i've known that gave me directions, support, love,
encouragement and all of the things that somehow i need to learn in life..
i defended myself saying that it's not what he's thinking..
that what i want him is to believe me,,trust me..
i am sincere and serious abt him,, that i dont want to lose him..
that im not into playing games..

please dont feel that am not proud of you or that i dont want them to know abt us..
of course,, you're one of the special things that came in my life..
if i could only shout,, i LOVE YOU at an instant,, i would..
if i could only go to your place now and tell you how sorry i am for what i did,,

now,, am crying for what i have done,,
regretting the words i used,,
please hold on for the two of us..
am so sorry,, my love...

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