the least he knows......

"i dont want to say that I LOVE YOU yet but subconsciously it's what my head and heart is shouting abt" Sabe k sa knya,, im too hesitant xe if im dating him and told him i love you and i would still be dating the other guy, it's called flirting and ayaw ko ng gnon.. so before i commit myself again, see what will happen kahit na,, we're feeling very happy, orgasmically happy, i do need to settle other things in my life muna..

read the blog for rants and raves,, found out that he had a song for me,, "WEAK" and with the blog, he wrote down how he feels for me. but turned out to be a wrong step. he's likely calling himself a big L that he did fall again very fast,,, I was then asking myself, if it was my faut for being so sweet that he misinterpreted my ways,, but from the start naman, already have told him that we'll see what will happen.. and he agreed to it,,

prior in reading his blog, already sent him a message ,, a reply for his message saying he misses me daw and that i do always take care..
my message goes like:

"know that u miss me,, and im happy abt it poh..

ewan ko who would not be happy abt it db

pero,, in my part, i do feel like it's being fast tlga and

2 be honest poh,, im afraid abt it,,

yes,, im grateful for all the efforts

for all the happy times we've had,, no regrets abt those

pero, for knowing u for a month and few days

im still not ready for making another step forward..

and i will always do take care,, wag k mgworry..

just like to let u know. . "

sabi ko nga,, mejo masakit pero it's better to tell him sa pinaka-maayos na paraan rather than just to disappear in the thin air,, the least is that he knows that im thankful for all the things he had done for me and also for the times we have shared..

now im just waiting for his reply to my message,, to see on how he'll catch up with it.. i really dont want to go with this, pero one thing for sure,, if i'll be choosing him, it's not becoz of love anymore but becoz im forced to just not to have his feelings hurt..

i know he'll understand., hopefully he'll do.

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