End of Contract

february 25, 2009,, i submitted my resignation after being w/ the company for almost 1 year and 9 months,,

arrived at the office exactly 1:37 AM, guess it'll be easy to know where im working at xe office hours during the nyt.. hahaha.. nweiz,, my supervisor isnt arriving yet, he's always late and im sued to it. what i did to comfy myself was to linger w/ some of my friends at the office and my former supervisor.. they asked me why,, gave them the answer w/o any further justification: "I'm FED up".

all of them did try their best to retain me, keep me out from submitting my letter but I said to myself that this has been a long time plan , never came to reality lang dahil sa mga circumstances..

then blah, blah, blah,,, already 3:23 AM,, sawmy supervisor,, approached him and said "Boss!"
sabe nya,, "oh, anu kmusta k na?? uy , ndi ako galit ha.." told him nman,, "yah, i know, uh, eto boss ung aking Med cert " then we walked thru the aisle of the production floor kasi he's looking for a station until i pointed one on the very far end.. while we're walking, i also handed him my resignation.. "Seryoso ka?" those were the words that came out of his mind.. Of course, he did ask why? sabe ko "im fed up and i dont like to be here na.."

I explained how i feel abt doing the job that i am now restless of seeking something to w/c I'll be happy, sae nga sa letter ko, "i know this will deprive me security but will liberate me to reach my dreams and I gladly take the risk". He's happy for what im doing, he didnt even bother to tell me if the reason was becoz of the disposition i have in the company or even asked if there's any thing he can do to retain me... Happy ako dun kasi the least is that I dont have to make pilit pa that Im willing to resign..

End of conversation with my supervisor,, then told him aalis na ako.. need to sleep na.
hehehehee.. will just be back again for some clearances and sort..

Happy ako,, that's what im proud of.
Left some friends there but know they'll still be in touch. .

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