DJ (alcohol?) Got Us (Them) Falling in Love Again


RS and I were like an adoption company for some of our friends who recently had break-ups. Feeling nga ni RS minsan isa daw siyang tissue/napkin, that after being used, after being launched back, will be thrown away and will soon be forgotten (arte much) kaya sabi ko na lang sa kanya, "no matter what, umalis man silang lahat, we still have each other, tayo pa rin ang magkasama"

We adopted "O" for a week or so. We accompanied him kung san man niya gusto pumunta, made him busy, allowed him to vent out everything. But we didn't see him cry (lagi lang lasing, ahahaha) and we didn't tell him na siya lang ang tama. We tried our best to make it seem that the other party 'B" has his reasons as well and what happened has a reason. O told me that no matter how hard he's trying to let go, it would always be "B". Reading "B's" posts thru FB gave O some false hope. I told O not let go of B totally nor to try to win him back, it's too early to decide.

...Malate night

As a usual gimmick during a saturday night, we went to Malate. I sent a group message to my beki friends as early as 9pm.

Prepare Prepare Prepare! Fresh Fresh Fresh,,
Pak! Cab! Malars!

Then we're now at Malate. O will be there, we waited for him sa "silya", Then wala naman pumunta sa beki group. All we're busy doing their own things. RS and I started drinking and Pak! B was at the cab. We saw each other, then he joined us. RS called O to let him know that B's there and he said "okay" (bitter much). After some time, we're all together, only the 4 of us, just like the November 1 incident.

...Inside the bar

And where else can we go and find ourselves? Che'Lu!! went inside and since we feel too old for dancing, we managed to stay near the bar. O's acting strange, putting his thumb on his mouth and repeatedly telling me that his heart's palpitating. I said, it'll pass, ngayon lang yan. He wanted to talk to B, but he don't know what to say. O went out for a while, B then asked me where's O.

Pak! that's the signal!

Time went so fast that Rs and I just saw them together, hugging each other, talking seriously and somewhat crying? At ang matindi nito, the song that was playing:
DJ Got us Fallin' in Love Again!!! (ang sweeeeeeeeet!! )

Swear I seen you before
I think I remember those eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes
Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again
Yeah, baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again
So dance, dance, like it’s the last, last night of your life, life
Gonna get you right
Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again

O approached me and hugged me.
O: "Kami na ulit! Thanks sa lahat mam"
me: wala un, U don't have to thanks us!

and then they left..
kami na lang ni RS and naiwan sa bar.
sabi namin, we don't know if it's because of the alcohol kaya ba nagkabalikan sila kasi prior to drinking, bagsak na ang defense guard nila eh.. ewan ko ba..

We know that they both love each other but they're having a hard time to show the affection, too stiff, too afraid to be seen weak in showing the love they both deserve.. too paranoid for each other,. haaaay...

bsta we're just wishing for the best for both of them.. So ngayon, wala na ulit kaming anak ni RS.. na-launch na ulit kasi ang career niya.. hehehe


DAGDAG:: Nu veh? sino ba ung nasa may bar din na hawak ng hawak ng kamay ko? wearing black.. Everytime na magre-restroom ako, pagbalik ko, hahawakan niya hands ko?? kainis ka... ahahahaha kiri much!!!


  1. It's what you call sharing the blessings. :)

    "no matter what, umalis man silang lahat, we still have each other, tayo pa rin ang magkasama"

    Nahipo ako dito. :)

  2. aaawwwww sir mugz!!

    yup yup,, considering that sometimes all our attention are given to people around us,, at the end of the day, kami p din ang magkasama..


  3. ang lucky ng mga friends nio..:))

    at super levelling na talaga ang relationship nio...

  4. uber thanks toff!!
    gnon lang tlga kami sa kanila.. hihihi

  5. Glad to know that O is doing okay now :) Uh, siya naman yung nameet ko no? Haha :))

  6. ay ang sweet niyo namang mag-dyowa. kayo na ako ang temporary bahay ampunan. hehehe

    nice naman at nagkabalikan sila... eeeee! congrats sa kanila :D

  7. How's malate na? never been again since after long years subrang busy na promise ako na ata alang gimik.. puro work and skoling.... haysssss

  8. @ryan >> yup, he's the one, (ung mejo tipsy with the girl) hehe... it all came unexpected na magkabalikan sila..

    @nimz >> yup, ampunan literal tlga,, dpat kayo din gnon na.. hehehe

    @SANUNAI >> tinatanong ka nga kung kelan k daw ppunta dun,, miss k n daw niya.. everyone deserves a time-off

  9. kiko: oo nga grabeee dafat inom minsan no?..hehehe

  10. woooot:: nakuha mu n ung name ko.. LOL... yup,, dpat minsan may inom, kahit hindi much much...