GLEEk me!!

I guess today's the premiere of very first episode of Glee Season 2
where "Charice" was included.
Lucky me and thanks to the ever internet connection,
got the chance to see
(until like one-fourth of the whole episode only)
too bad i have to leave my desk and time to go home..
(bukas, pagpapatuloy ko na lang, after doing all pending officeworks.. ahahaha)

When I saw Charice and Lea sang "Telephone" by the Ultimate Lady GaGa,
ooooh,, i felt mixed emotions,
it gave me goosebumps
(thinking it's Charice singing with Lea on a restroom!! ahahaha)
plus had me a big, big smile..

while my officemate, busy playing plants vs zombies
like she doesn't care at all. But I dont mind it. hehehe..

This time, i'll make sure that i'll be watching every episodes..
And i can't wait to tell RS!!!



  1. hindi ko pa napapanood :(

    download ko maya. hihi

  2. me too!i feel proud pa nga na she;s pinoy and they even mentioned philippines!yey!

    sana mas marami pa siyang appearances sa show.

  3. @nimmy >> gow! dload lang ng dload!! hihi

    @Mac Callister >> yup yup, where the sun is always shining.. ahaha

    @imnotsoconio >> RS is my partner po.. hihihi..


  4. first time po dito sa blog niyo. ako din, certified gleek.. kaso parang di naman ata magaling umarte si charice. pero ayos na din, kumanta na lang siya. haha. i'll have to wait a few more days bago ako makapanuod ng episode ng glee... have a great day.

  5. @mr.nightcrawler >> thanks for dropping by!

    i believe the acting can be enhanced naman, so, let's just give her the chance to show what she can do.. hehe..


  6. First time in your blog. I'm not really a fan of either Glee or Charice but been getting a lot of good feedback lately about the 2 so I might give it a try to watch the show. Hehe. :)

  7. @Louie.. yes yes, better give it a try. promise it won't hurt..