simple moments we share

since me and RS are already living under one roof (ambisyosa talaga ako, with the parents, relatives and all) we sometimes think of the things na kinatutuwa ang pinagpapasalamat namen.

we're both thankful that we understand each other specially with time constraints due to work. no one seeks attention much, priority wise, work kasi it gives us financial stability resulting to happiness. Minsan nga, sa gabi lang talaga kame nagkikita and within a day, we only got to send each one SMS for like once to thrice,.Depende rin kasi if we're bum for the dayor not.

Then kagabi, since he has no late night classes, he got home around 8-ish in the evening. we had dinner together and talked of things. (sabi kasi sa nabasa ko, dapat you always ask your partner about the things he did for the day, make him feel you're also interested with the things he do) pero minsan kasi ayaw din nya un,, inamin nya. ahahaha

Going back, when we're about to sleep. we made "hamagan" na naman and he knows i love to do the hamagan things. i kissed him on his back then by the time na ayaw na nya kasi nakikiliti siya, he'll hold my 2 hands then start to pinch me and point his fingers on my waist. that's my major major weakness, kasi nakikiliti ako ng bonnga.. he'll never stop not until i told him the magic word:

"Sorry na po. Hindi ko na po uulitin"

parang tanga lang
but after, we had the best sleep ever, hugging each other..

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  1. Hahaha. That's so cute. I like those funny rituals lovers do.