Long weekend pt 1

September 10, 2010

A memorable day for our anak Adonis.

At present, he could now say that he has totally moved on with his relationship with RRG.

Unexpectedly, me, RS, Adonis, RRG (Adonis' ex) and MS (RRG's current partner) had a great time. We all just went home together, had a few drinks and totally talked about things. (though the initial plan was to go to malars,, haaay,,)

We like had our own groups that night, RS and RRG were together, watching ANTM and some porn i guess while me, Adonis and Marlon talked of things, mainly his relationship with RRG. At first, Adonis was quite annoyed talking to MS and even the thought of being with them. (kaya lagi ko siya kinukurot nun' and sinasabi to smile and be nice)

Sabi kasi ni anak e hindi nya kaya, but I told him, he'll never know if kaya niya, not unless he tried. (He almost cried pa nga while he was changing his clothes kasi ayaw nga niya talaga..)

The night went on smoothly until we all came upon laughing about ex-es and people we know. That was the night where I can finally say, that anak already completed his quote:

"If someone you love hurts you, cry a river,
(happened for like 8 months after their break-up)
build a bridge, and get over it
(did for only one night)

i am so proud of my anak,
he's really braver now than what he thinks of himself.

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