my promise..

September 9, 2010

last night, RS went home early from his work, he didn't attend his grad school na.. said he has to do some questions stuff. So, we ate dinner, i had my bath and almost ready for sleep. I went to the room leaving him on the dining area (it's where he usually do his stuffs kas)

I can still remember waking up late and found that RS still ain't sleeping. since i was too sleepy, i no longer bothered to go and check him.

This morning, he woke ep uber early. And it's not the usual him. He went downstairs and me sent him a message...

"Bkt ang agap mu gumcing?"

He came upstairs na (sa room) and we had a conversation...

Me: Bkit ang agap mu gumising?

RS: Wala lang, nagising ako ng 5:15 eh.

Me: aaah... ligo k na?

RS: Oo

Me: nu time ka na nakatulog kagabi:

RS: mga 1am yata

Me: Naka-ilan questions ka na?

RS: Mga 15 yta

Me: Aaah.. hala...

RS: bakit ba kelangan mu pang malaman o itanung kung bakit maagap akong gumising, anung time ako tumulog.. nakaka-pressure na kasi..

And then i was silent. covered myself with a pillow and tried to get more sleep. He then called me for breakfast. We ate without any talk and it's not the usual us. By the time i'm done with my meal, i went upstairs, he followed me since he has to get his things and go to work.

He said goodbye and initiated a kiss. I let him kissed me on my cheek, I'm not comfortable doing some 'lambing' earlier, Im not in the mood. Just told him to take care..

Going to work, i sent him a message that i'm already on my way.

"pasok n ako. Yngat ka. Loveu."

He replied.

"d2 n ako work. luv u mor. sorry knna"

and it somehow gave me a relief that we're okay. But I asked myself, what's wrong with asking, not unless, he's thinking something bad underlying my questions. saka, anung nakaka-pressure dun?? ang mag-isip ng sagot..

I know na 'makulit' ako, but i was not expecting that you'll be responding that way.

Just so to avoid any arguments,
I promised myself not to ask you any questions. Would no longer do that.

But this event, crashed my day...


  1. questions are not actually bad but i do admit they generate lots of pressure i experienced it on my own...but when they came on the perfect timing i will answer them on detail...maybe he's just pressured on work and other stuffs bro. thats why the simplest question can be totally irritating sometimes...

  2. hello, bloghopping

    baka naman pressured na siya sa work kaya ganun nalang ang sagot niya sa iyo. saka nalang siguro magusap pag malamig na at kalmado na kayo pareho!

  3. @rockylubrico and jinjiruks >> yup, he's pressured from work.. but we're good now..

    had that event part of our past,, never to be opened again..