Long weekend pt 2

September 11, 2010

Since, we've had a bonding moment (me, RS, Adonis, RRG and MS), we woke up late. It was almost lunch time. Masarap yung lunch, in fairness lang, luto ng boyfriend nung kapatid ni RS. Then after eating, we again found ourselves preparing,,, for SM San Lazaro. RS ran for some errands para kay mujay kasi so support naman kami ni Adonis.

Then after nung mga keme ni RS for mujay, ayan na, we decided to watch "Sa'yo Lamang" by Laurice Guillen. For me, the movie was about forgiving at yun lang masasabi ko.
And it made me cry.
At ang masama pa nito, sa last part pa ng movie ako umiyak which came unexpected for me. All throughout the movie, I was looking for which scenes made the people cry and I found none, not until the last eksena was shown. LT in bed with all of her anakis around her and coco martin playing the guitar singing "Sa'yo Lamang".

It made me think of my mother, the what ifs na siya si LT?
so, what I did, after the movie, i texted my mom:

"ma, musta? la lang, labyu.. yngat k jan lage.."

kasi sabi ko, ayaw ko na baka kung kelan keme hirap na hirap na ang mama ko, suffering from extreme pain, crying e that will be the only time that i'll be telling her that i love her. Apology in my part kasi im not really used to in telling them "ILY" or "IMY".. hindi lang talaga ako sanay,, haaay..

After the movie, we went buying some sweets. Sarap.
Then since we're with Adonis, we insisted him on meeting up with one of his suitors(?)
who we really like. Si Doy. Doy's came from Cainta pa, just to be with Adonis, kebs lang niya. We all came home together that night..

And the good part here, RS and I left Doy and Adonis in our room for them to sleep together. (hindi ko lang sure kung may nangyari ha,, basta alam ko, the following morning, masaya si Adonis.. ahahaha)

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