♫ ♪ songs..

i've heard this song lst saturday night for the first time
and meant nothing with my current relationship status.

Bet ko lang ung lyrics and tune ng song talaga..

"Ikaw Pa Rin"

Ikaw pa rin ang hinahanap ng puso /
Ikaw pa rin ang siyang laman ng isip ko /
Ayoko na sana /
Ngunit ang sigaw ng damdami'y iba /
Ikaw Pa Rin /

then for a whole week, i've been playing this song mega over..

"I'd Rather Leave While I'm in Love"

I'd rather leave while I'm in love /
while I still believe the meaning of the word /
I'll keep my dreams and just pretend /
that you and I are never gonna end /

habang si RS, hindi pa rin yata maka-get over sa "Commander" nya..
and it's a total kaumay na..


  1. i also blogged about this video. nice ng melody noh? love ko si juris!Ü

  2. @nimmy >> yup yup! uber like juris too.. but the one i got, "ikaw Pa Rin" was from Aicelle Santos.. dunno Juris also has her version of the song.. hehehe

    keep safe ^_^

  3. finally! hahaha.. i've been trying to leave a comment since yesterday. i think something's wrong.

    c - e - i - b - o - h ! i was so surprised to know we've been playing the same song these days. apir!

  4. i dont know why/.. but think it's working na ngaun.. hehehe

    keep safe!