his 2nd time..

Last September 4, 2010

me, RS and his mom (mujay) went out, bought some stuffs around the metro > ate at SM San Lazaro > had mujay to go home since we'll be waiting for our son, Adonis

around 7pm, Adonis came and we're very happy seeing him again. It was during his birthday when we last saw him and we uberly missed him. So, gow na naman kame sa usual things namen, todo olayan and tambay sa 7/11 sa likod ng SM. Buti nga wala ung mga cc agents na nakakadugong mag-english kahit wala sa production floor. May english virus nga kasi yata ung aircon sa loob ng building nila. ahaha.

then came my idea that we go to malars for the night, pag pumayag ang anak ko, gow na, pero kung hindi, stay lang sa house.

me: adonis, malars na tayo tonight!

Adonis: GOW!!

and without any further kwentos, the decision was made.

That night was one of our memorable and most enjoyed events since it was Adonis' 2nd time to be in Malate. May mga kaartehan kasi si bakla pag pumupunta sa mga lugar ng bakla.

We arrived around 12:30am sa malate, tambay muna sa labas then by the time we were inside the bar na, he met people, winked, hold their hands, touchd their body, danced and had iced tea for his drink (ayaw kasi ng alak) and eto ka,without us knowing kung nasaan na siya he's flirting with a singaporean couple na pala..

actually, he only flirted with the one named "yuki", uber cute nya kasi, the smile, the chinito eyes, built and the attitude. Unlike ung partner nya, si "harel" very chinese/koreano/whatever kung sumayaw, wala sa chempo and basta, over ung mga dance steps niya..

Si anak, with out permission, flirted with yuki, may eksenang secretly hawak yung kamay, try to grab si piolo, at kiss sa neck.
(walang hiya si bakla, hindi na nahiya, ahahaha. sabi ko nga, hindi yan ang tinuro ko sa'yo, dapat p-demure tayo! ahaha)

Series of events happened but we still have to part our ways,. until now, hindi pa maka-get-over si bakla.

coitus lang daw, solve na siya.. (so eew,, easy gurl.. ahahaha...)

haaay,, i just dont know if bringing Adonis to malate was such a great plan. He enjoyed but he self-realized, he's a total flirt na.
Not the Adonis we knew before..

the only reminder i gave him:

"What happens in Malate, stays in Malate."

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