so simple and so true..

Since I'm done with all my officeworks for the day.
I checked a blog i was using before,
but since lagi kong nalilimutan password ko dun,
hindi ko na siya na-a-update (or talagang hindi ko na lang pinansin.. hehehe)

Search, search, search din sa dashboard nila and i found out,
i only have like four (4) entries there and the last one was dated 09/09/09..
galing noh.. kasi yung mga kasunod, mga tweets ko n lang.. hehehe

Then nakita ko ung very first kong entry with the title "zumthing I hv Lingerd On..."
Ewan ko kung bakit yun ung title but I was really happy seeing it again..

So simple yet so true..

GV downwards!!

It's not me who have written this or thought about this.. But this had been very helpful to me, a line constructed by Adam Bouvier. I'm not really sure if he's a real person or only a character from the book "Letters from the Closet".

It goes as :

"The choice we have is not whether to be gay or straight.
For the majority of gay people, we are who God made us to be.
The real choice is between denial and embracing who we are.
The real choice is between living life in the shadows
or walking proudly in the light.
The real choice is between a slow death and an honest life."


  1. beautiful! pak na pak!Ü

  2. In the end, self acceptance is liberation itself. Nice quote.

  3. @nimmy >> palong - palo tlga, buti nga nakita ko ulit. ^_^

    @Jinjiruks >> so be it!

    @Mugen >> thanks po!

  4. tamuh! pang miss universe yan teh!

  5. ahaha..

    and that would be all
    thank you..